DFB Cup for RB Leipzig “UltraComport

The DFB Cup has a tremendous meaning for RB Leipzig’s new coach Domenico Tesco. The COAL competition is personally ultra-coincide for me. We absolutely want to come to the quarterfinals. Accordingly, for us are physically and mentally, said the 36-year-old. The runner-up of the football Bundesliga receives the second division Hans Rostock on Wednesday (18:30 clock / sky). It will be the second clash of both teams in Leipzig after the third-league duel in November 2013. At that time Rostock won 2: 1. Tesco wants nothing to risk against the one class deeper opponents and will probably only rotate slightly. We have prepared the opponent as if it were a Bundesliga, said the coach. Hans makes some things perfect, they achieve many goals after corners and wide impellers. Rostock’s coach Jens Cartel had emphasized on Tuesday that the focus clearly lies on the league and the trophy was a bonus.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

The Anacrusis: Available in the Xbox Game Preview

Stray Bombay has The Analysis, a cooperative sci-fi first-person shooter for four players, now published for PC (Steam Early Access, Epic Games Store and the Microsoft Store) and Xbox One / Xbox Series X / S in Game Preview and available with full Cross Play between all platforms. The Analysis costs 29.99 euros and will be published at a discount of 20 percent on Steam, Xbox, Epic Games Store and the Microsoft Store. Xbox and PC Game Pass players get the game’s release on the first day.

It is the day of release! After years of work and the exchange of The Analysis with thousands of test players we are finally ready to release the game. Our small team is looking forward to developing the next phase of The Analysis together with the community of dedicated fans of co-op shooters while we go to the Early Access. We listen to feedback and add new weapons, enemies and perks, so please share your ideas on our Discord ( and stops by one or two sessions to play with us! — Chest False, Stray Bombay Co-Founder

This launch in Early Access and Game Preview serves as Season Zero for The Analysis and provides players the first four survivors of the alien attack in the first three episodes in the history of the game before. In this first act explore teams of four players the Isolde, a huge luxury ship that is stranded on the edge of explored space and is attacked by terrifying aliens with an unusual sense of fashion.

About The Analysis

Stray Bombay plans to start its journey through Early Access / Game Preview with six-monthly updates include improvements in quality of life, weekly challenges, bug fixes and other adjustments based on the feedback from the community. More episodes, weapons and weekly challenges are added before The Analysis the Early Access / game preview leaving in the second half of the year 2022nd

Arm yourself with an arsenal of classic sci-fi weapons of fantastic grenades and unusual special weapons. Plays and collects 40 Perks, while the advanced 2.0 Director of the game Alien hordes as tailors, they provide the perfect level of difficulty and the perfect fight intensity for each group. Coordinated you with your team in order to discover new Perk-synergies, to find arms caches and defeat thousands of aliens, yourself as you make your way to the final of each episode.

The Analysis appear for PC and Xbox consoles in English, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese and Korean.


  • Cooperative fun for four players — unlock up with friends in an infinitely repeatable fight against alien hordes to perks, weapons and new game modes Ally who can share her with the team!
  • A struggle for survival is just the beginning — The first season of The Analysis tells the story of four unlikely survivors — Tessa, Guion, Liu and Lance — the involuntary fighters in the struggle for the defense of humanity against the alien threat are. Uncover more about the mystery of the alien attack.

  • Fight the aliens with fantastic weapons — Fight the alien menace classic with a stunning arsenal sci-fi weapons. Provides you with a Stasis Grenade some time, throw a grenade tag, announced the immediate coverage while you heal you, and gives your friends using the Respawned back to life. Or beat all caution to the wind and burns friend and foe alike with the laser gun.
  • Worth new perks and playing style changed — About the whole game distributed matter compiler give you access to dozens of perks will change your style of play. Stacks all upgrades to the gun as a last resort to upgrade or enhance the defense by her charges up your shield pulse. Turns the game progresses new perks and notifies the unlocks with all members of the team!
  • Never Fight twice the same battle — In The Analysis the AI ​​Director 2.0 controls every aspect of the game. He brings every enemy out, controls every boss and every weapon, every gadget and each placed Health Kit. No matter how good you are, you will find the perfect challenge. In addition, the Director 2.0 provides the kind of video game moments, of which want dying to tell your friends.
  • PC Meeting with friends on consoles Friends — The Analysis supports complete at launch cross-play between all platforms, so that players can play with their friends on all supported platforms.

Look at the Analysis Early Access Launch Trailer now:


The Last of Us: This actress should play Riley in the series

After a Christmas break, the crew of The Last of US returned to Calgary in Canada to continue the shooting of the HBO series. Still until June 2022, the cameras should run on site. In the field of arrival, new rumors have surfaced, which may reveal the actress behind the role of Riley in the Last of Us.

Euphoria actress probably in conversation as Riley in The Last of Us

Attentive fans noticed that the actress Storm Reid landed at the same time in Canada like the production crew. Even more clearly, the hints were then with an Instagram contribution of the mother of Storm Reid. It has been from a popular video game the speech that transformed into a TV series. The actress is especially known for its role in Euphoria (also at HBO). She also had a small appearance in The Suicide Squad .


When does Riley appear in the history of The Last of Us?

While Season 1 of the series is at the heart of the Story of the first video game of The Last of Us (now buy), the responsible persons also seem to include the prequel DLC left behind . Here is the friendship of Ellie and Riley the focus. Now it looks that we can see the two in the series too.

Who plays in The Last of Us?

Meanwhile, numerous actresses are known, which belong to the adaptation of The Last of Us. The main roles of Joel and Ellie are played by Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) and Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones). Diego Luna takes over the role of Joel’s Brother Tommy. Also, there are Anna Torn as Tess and Nick Offer man as Bill.

When and where can The Last of Us be seen in Germany?

According to current speculation, the first episodes of The Last of US will be published this year . As a partner of HBO, the series is very likely to see Sky .


Jahn Regensburg: Selimbegovic before fighting game in Sandhausen

Three mandatory game defeats in a row. So many have had to accept John Regensburg in the current second division season first. The bad out of the point of view of the initially so well-launched Upper Palatine: This statistic corresponds to the current series. One who is to be terminated for the former league leader in the away game against the SV Tannhauser on Sunday (13.30 clock, live! At Sandhausen).

Against the abandoned Cur finals (16th place), coach Selimbegovic wants to work with his team Everything that we point out. Because for the Bonier the league is not secured despite 28 counters and 8th place. This very good round can also be a trap, we can not rest, we are warned that we all have to be at 100 percent, in every workout and in every game, he said at the Game Takes Press Conference.

We must not rest. We are warned.

Perseid Selimbegovic

So that it works with at least one counter against the VS, Selimbegovic again demands more straightforwardness in the game. Most recently, the team played too much across. He also worked with the team in the winter break on the consequence and the compactness in the append ant’s appeal.

How we trained the two weeks, with the focus, concentration and greed, that’s very, very positive, the currently satisfied coach added. Nevertheless, he expects a difficult game and assumes that it is not a treat by the space conditions in January. Rather, we introduce ourselves to a combat female game in which Tannhauser will try to bring us into two-fighting, which we accept and have to lead consistently. Even the standard situations on both sides could be crucial.

Best suffered Fibers — Besockkow back

In Tannhauser can not help the continued red-locked attacker David Otto and Jan-Niklas best (small fiber dissection after the test match against Darmstadt), Joel harmony (individual training after late return journey) and Christoph Moritz (cold). Max Bassoon, who had failed at the annual financial statements against Darmstadt (0: 2) in the short term, but makes a very good impression and will be in the squad.

League of Legends

FSV Frankfurt separates from Denis Mangafic


As the Hessian regional league announced on Friday, the midfielder had been released with immediate effect from the game and training operation. The 32-year-old Magic games no role in the other sporting planning of the Bornean. After Mangafic games information, the player has repeatedly made escapades and disrespectfulness, also opposite the coaching team. This was now too much, so you have released Magic.

Magic was active in the previous season in 14 points (no goal) and an absolute power carrier at the PSV, also belonged to the eleven of the first round in the southwest season. He had come to PSV in the winter of 2018 by Russia Ruder and previously played for Prussia Münster, Mangafic gamess Offenbach, SV When Wiesbaden and Heracles Almelo, in youth for Eintracht Frankfurt and the SG Host.

The PSV had taken care of the commitment of Marcel Heller for headlines in the winter break. Currently, the Frankfurt in the Southwest Casement prove descent Square 16.


Jae-Sung Lee shows the 1st FSV Mainz 05 very flexible

Let Lee play as one of 2 aft on the side of Jean-Paul Boethius, after that back next to Leandro Barbara. If I’m from Boethius, I know that he plays very good passports and as a result attempt to relocate more, Complemented Lee.

I was conscious that in the Bundesliga from the technical degree is even extra required. It was harder Than meant, Lee accounted for his initial half year in the Bundesliga on Wednesday.

Good scorer quota

3 objectives as well as 2 templates are a good quota in view of 16 Bundesliga games, consisting of numerous brief inserts. In the 2nd organization, Lee obtained to do on a regular basis with the VFL Bochum. In the jersey of Kiel, Lee has actually made good experiences with the VFL.


I was aware that in the Bundesliga from the technological level is also a lot more required. It was harder Than intended, Lee accounted for his first half year in the Bundesliga on Wednesday.

3 goals and also 2 layouts are a good allocation in view of 16 Bundesliga video games, including lots of brief inserts.


Elden Ring Arida A Dying Light 2 as a game more expected by Steam users

Little has actually lasted the joy to Dying Light 2. The zombie title delighted in being more desired by Heavy steam individuals for the next releases this year, something that Tech land commemorated on social networks, however it is He has transformed the tortilla. The one who was previously second is the one that now occupies the highest action of the platform: Elder Ring.

It does not stop handling even more interest, but it aids us to better understand the functioning of the market on computer, given that it is an official checklist of the Valve system where the games that have actually been have actually been gathered much more times included in the Listing of desired It was striking regarding Stay Human being due to the fact that the title of fromSoftware has constantly generated even more expectation, something that is currently confirmed.

Games like GOD OF WAR or SILKS ONG appear Other games that appear in the category leave us some surprise than an additional. For instance, at the time of writing these lines we discover in the third area to Party Animals, which leads the GOD OF WAR PC version that will certainly land on computers in just a couple of days. In fifth placement, another normal: Hollow Knight: Silk song, which does not even have an arranged release home window, however that does not prevent followers from anticipating it even more than several other games that do have actually a verified date.

Subscribe to the 3D video game channel on YouTube .

Remember that Elder Ring comes to computer, PS4, PS5, Xbox One as well as Xbox Series X’S The next February 25 , A few weeks after Dying Light, that will certainly do it on the day 4. The most recent work of Hideaway Miyazaki It has been affected by outside motivations such as publications or board games, although it has additionally been part of the creative procedure George RR Martin, who recently outlined his participation in the project.

Main Board

50,000 won quantities waiting! MSI Z690 Mainboard Event Progress

Get Ready for MSI Z690 Series Motherboards - THE NEXT PLAYGROUND | Gaming Motherboard | MSI

MS ICI (Representative Substitute) said it is said to provide an MSI Z690 main board, which is called the National Main Board, as well as the usage of a month-to-month advantage of 50,000 won per month for the consumer of the usage of the MSI Z690 Main Board and also Write Individual’s Main Board. The event will certainly be held from January 1 to January 31 (Mon), and also for consumers that have actually developed MSI Z690 main board acquisitions as well as utilize in the period. (However, the occasion target product verification needed) On the other hand, all occasions associated to the MSI main board presently undertaking are referring to the ‘January Occasion General Relief’ web page.

Style Similar

This is how the skills of the new character of League of Legends

Zero will certainly have a game style similar to that of jinx, in the sense that the projectiles of it will note any kind of opponent against which they affect. An additional of him likewise enables him to glide in the direction of an address as well as gain a passive incentive in the automatic strikes of him.

Zeri: The Spark of Zaun | Champion Trailer - League of Legends

This shooter will certainly also have a shield that will certainly take in a component of the damage obtained. She will certainly also be fairly remarkable, given that she can take a large jump on the map after filling her feet with electrical power. To cover it up, we have the last capability of it that is an electrical pump with a massive array which will compel enemies to utilize some ability randomly.

Last week, Riot Games revealed the very first information regarding Zero, the new character of League of Legends that must be getting to the game in the coming weeks. At the time we did not give us details about the skills or playability of him, but that changed today with a new video.

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story™

Riot Games reveals first details about the new LOL character

ZERI GAMEPLAY REVEALED! (New Champion with Abilities + Trailer)
League of Legends It is still one of the most popular mobs of perpetuity, and also the dedication of Riot Games In the direction of this video game will certainly not quit with this new year. Actually, they already revealed the next character that will certainly be coming to the title and below you can recognize, as well as their initial details about the gameplay of it.

Riot disclosed A Zero as the new champion of lol, and also it is also possible to discover the complete description of it on the main web page of the video game. We still do not have details from each of her skills, yet she will perform as a shooter and also right here is a quick description of her powers:

Zero web page also exposes that she is Faun and also the only champion of her relevant presently is EK KO. We still do not understand specifically when this character is going to come to lol, however its abilities need to be disclosed in the coming days.

A young and persistent woman from the working course of Faun, Zero carry her electrical magic to tons herself and her individualized tool. The desire to assist her often can be disadvantageous, Zero believes in an outright fact: she supports the neighborhood, and also the community will support you.