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LOL: The worst champions in each position that you should not play after the middle of the season

League of Legends He addresses one of the biggest changes that players have never seen. Riot Games has decided to listen to the constant complaints of the community about excessive damage and prepare a great patch in which the survival of all the champions of the game will increase. An unprecedented change that will change the most powerful characters from one day to another. Any tender list that we have attended until that moment will serve. Although the gameplay will not change so much, this will blur and new account when determining the power of the characters.

The 10 WORST CHAMPIONS You SHOULDN'T PLAY for Season END! - League of Legends

The worst champions after the big change of League of Legends

Although there was never such uncertainty regarding the future of League of Legends, the new game board is clear. The effective damage will be reduced between 10 and 20% depending on the time of the game or the chosen character. This situation will make the fights longer, the most valuable cures and have opportunities to counteract the enemy proposals. The big losers in general terms will be the characters of explosive damage, which in many cases will have to hit more skills to end their enemies. In this way, they will have to be very skilled and expose themselves much more.

It is impossible to determine what will be the exact power of each and every one of the League of Legends champions, We will focus on extreme cases . These are the ones that star in the characters whose performance promises to fall into dive. Heroes with characteristics that are especially punished by the adjustments announced by Riot Games and in which the differences between the old situation and the new one is too large. There are very clear examples, such as Talon’s, which with the new characteristics will not be able to end his rivals in the MID lane of a single combo.

It should be noted that The concept of worst champions only affects the average player . We will calculate it taking into account the most populated qualifying ranges, the current statistics of the characters and the information shared by Riot Games. However, this does not mean yes or if you have to stop playing with your favorite character. In the end, the new League of Legends will be very similar to what we already know and be very good with a certain champion can be enough to overcome any handicap. However, if we recommend avoiding the characters that we will mention if you have love to your MMR.


Nexons new, sushi restaurant Dave is back

The Dave the Diver, released through G -Star 2018, was a representative work that symbolized Nexon’s newness at that time. It was introduced as a marine adventure game collaborated by Neople’s developer studio 42 and National Geographic. At the time of its release, it was expected to be a decent healing game thanks to the graphics and peaceful atmosphere that combined pixel art and 3D rendering.

The game originally announced its launch in 2019, but it was pushed by the child due to Nexon’s internal circumstances, and was forgotten from people’s memories. There were also reports that the project was died in the restructuring of Nexon. That Dave the Diver is back. Along with the sub -brand mint rocket, which is in charge of Nexon’s Little Project.

The Dave the Dive, which appeared in a short time, added a new element of operating sushi restaurants in the past marine exploration. It is still a game that symbolizes Nexon’s ‘newness’, but it’s a bit of a route. I was able to meet with Mint Rocket Hwang Jae -ho and listen to the details of what has happened.

Marine exploration and hunting, sushi restaurant Taikun’s harmony

Originally, Dave the Diver is a game developed for marine exploration. It was the main to see the ecosystem established by the crew while swimming slowly in the sea. There were stories such as meeting sharks in the middle, fighting and looking for civilizations left by the people who lived in the ancient sea.

It is different now. It has strengthened the battle of hunting fish in the existing marine exploration, and adds a new element of running a sushi restaurant with catching fish. During the day, they enter the sea and use harpoons and guns to collect sushi ingredients. In the past, there was a limited number of plays that could be seen as destroying nature, such as collecting behavior, as well as collaborating with National Geographic.

Hwang Jae -ho said, “At the time, the message was emphasized, so there was a constraint in game development, especially in terms of fun. The environmental protection was quickly approved, but the rest were not accepted. “It wasn’t fun to continue the game compared to the good evaluation I received from G -Star. I thought I could pursue what fun I could do without throwing away the elements I made in collaboration with National Geographic.” Nevertheless, he added a message related to environmental protection, such as a mission to solve the overfishing of dolphins.

The reason for the operation of the sushi restaurant was because I decided that it was better in terms of game. He said, “The existing sea game goes through all the stories in the sea. I watched the sea and solved several puzzles from the seabed. We thought it was important to make the stories of people on land. It is a space. At the end of the day, Dorando talks about the story of the drama, such as making a menu requested by special guests. I thought it was. ”

In addition, when you go to the sea, you will be commissioned by the intermediate marine biologists and archaeologists. In addition, it is possible to find the abandoned weapons, get the blueprint, collect the ingredients to upgrade various weapons. If you continue to proceed with the story, you can see the ancient civilization, and the level of wetsuits, harpoons, and oxygen tongs will increase, and the maritime can be explored, and the exploration time is longer.

Much richer and deeper content

The Dave the Dive, which I experienced in the field, has been richer as a whole. The marine exploration and fish hunting work in the underwater can be carried out twice a day, and if you use oxygen, you can explore up to 5 minutes even when the oxygen tank is not upgraded. In addition to harpoons, you can catch fish with melee weapons such as daggers and electric shock rods, and guns can be used. In the case of firearms, weak fish are fresh, but large or aggressive fish can be caught more easily by throwing harpoons with guns.

5 Delicious And Cheap Sushi Restaurants In Tokyo | Japan Food Guide
In other words, the battle has been more diverse by choosing a weapon according to the type and situation. Hwang Jae -ho said, “I think it’s the most fun to fight the boss when playing the game. The previous Evil Factory was that. I thought it was difficult to save such elements when the healing concept was the main, so I changed the concept itself and put a variety of elements.” I explained.

The fish hunting itself was quite different from the mechanism of harpoon and firearms, and the blow was also good. In particular, when the harpoon is loaded, the burnt time is slowed down for a while, which can aim and fire the harpoon directly in the range of about 120 degrees. The scope of the aim is very limited, the aiming point is not clearly visible, and the speed of the harpoon is also required. The gun is not much different from this, so the process of fighting with sharks, including hunting, is detailed and deep. Director Hwang Jae -ho also said he was very concerned about harpoon hitting and manipulation, and explained that it would be good to enjoy the pad as it was a harpoon hunt.

The operation of the sushi restaurant in charge of dinner content is also richer than expected. There is no part to make sushi, but while managing tiredness, it runs quickly to deliver sushi to customers, manage menus with fish, and follow the car. In the meantime, there are many things to decorate and repair sushi restaurants. In addition, there is a story in the evening time, and it is naturally connected to the daytime content, such as going to catch rare fish during the day for the guests who order special menus.

Even though it is a short experience, it was impressed by the overall ‘much more fun’. However, there was a concern that the marine exploration and hunting, which can be called game main content, could end within 1 minute, and the overall content was not seen.

In response, Hwang Jae -ho said, “If you clear quickly, you can enjoy 20 hours, and if you enjoy all the elements slowly, you can enjoy it for more than 30 hours. The deep sea shipwreck and treasure hunt are implemented. Especially in the second half, there is a story story, so you can experience a deeper narrative. ”

He then said, “I think about 200 kinds of fish will be in the finals. There are only 10 guns, but in the final version, we will increase from 20 to 30. I made it and the response is good, so I’m going to start production. ” It is expected that the finished Dave the Dive will show the depth and volume.


Waldhof Mannheim focuses on the state cup final

Waldhof Mannheim said goodbye to the third division season with a goal spectacle on Saturday. The team around captain Marcel Seegert won 7-0 against the already fixed relegation Havelse-the fans celebrated their team, even though they just missed the leap on DFB Cup-Platz Four. Logical, because in the final of the Baden state cup next Saturday, Waldhof Mannheim has the chance to move into the DFB Cup with a win against seventh team FC Türkspor Mannheim.

The Mannheim players did not want to give fourth place in the league despite the view of a cup victory against the supposed outsider Türkspor, of course, without a fight. The team did not want to be said if the competition from Osnabrück and Munich had left points, as Routinier Marc Schnatterer explained after the game in “Magenta Sport”. “We played out a lot of chances, made goals and rewarded the spectators – a bit of a shame that it wasn’t quite enough to jump in fourth place.”

Of course we want to put the cherry on top with the cup victory next week.

Marc Schnatterer

Nevertheless, there was no trace of melancholy: “There were depths, but there were also more heights – it was a successful season. Of course, we want to put the cherry on top with the cup victory next week.” With a victory against Turkspor, Waldhof can not only crown a good season with the DFB Cup catchment, but also duly adopt the outgoing coach Patrick Glöckner.

The 45-year-old leaves Mannheim mutually after two years, his contract was not extended. “He was one reason why I came here last summer,” Schnatterer describes his relationship with the coach. He would have been happy if Glöckner had stayed in Mannheim for another year, but is now looking ahead and would like to attack with a new coach on the sidelines and “see what is possible”.

Future question not yet clarified

Waldhof Mannheim vs Kickers Offenbach Part II
Will and where bells will be at the side in the new season? “I don’t know. First of all, I have to report unemployed,” the coach joked at the “Magenta Sport” microphone after the game. Before he takes care of the question of his own future, he will probably want to prepare his team optimally for the cup final. The game for the DFB Cup ticket will increase on Saturday (2:15 p.m.).

Ark: survival evolved

A Dune Survival game? Yeah, but please reasonably!

The online survival game for Dune from Funcom can actually only be a Fremen simulator.

The Dune brand is currently at a new 1. The film by Denis Villeneuve from last year brought Frank Herbert Herbert’s work closer who have never been interested in the books beforehand (I speak from my own experience). At the same time, there is new food for fans who also like to play. Since the end of April you have been able to immerse yourself in the fascinating sci-fi world, thanks to the early access version of Dune: Spice Wars. It is not the first game based on the book series, but no developer had touched the brand since 2001.

The strategy title is well received. The user reviews on Steam are 82 percent positive. This should not only look forward to the developer studio Shiro Games (Northgard, Wartales), but also Funcom. The Norwegian publishers Dune: Spice War it and have much more in mind with the license. As early as 2019, they announced that they were working on an open world multiplayer game, as PC Gamer reported at the time. It is now clear: the thing will be a survival game. There are no details about the content yet. Funcom only says that it is his most ambitious project so far and plays on Arrakis.

Conan exiles 2?

Now Funcom is not an inexperienced team when it comes to adapting literary classics and developing survival games. The greatest success of the Scandinavians so far is Conan Exiles. Will the Dune game just be the same in green? Or let’s say better, in light brown, because there is not a lot of green on the desert planet (at least not at the beginning).

I can only make guesswork at this point, but one thing is clear to me: If the Dune Survival game inherits the basic recipe of Conan Exile’s (sandbox character, big world with many players, PVE and PvP servers), then gives It is only an option for Funcom: the game must be located before the first book trilogy, more precisely before the ATreide house was taken over on Arrakis.

survival professionals for a survival game

I imagine this: The players slip into the skin of Fremen who try to survive in the desert world. The Harkennen rule the planet with iron hardness and are the primary computer opponents. Players who join together form a tribe and either drive with other groups trade or fight against them, just like in Conan Exiles. The Fremen offer themselves wonderfully as a player faction because they are not a united nation before the events of the book trilogy. Conflicts among player tribes would therefore not completely contradict the Lore of Dune.

In addition, Fremen do not live in big cities and therefore generally offer more for a survival game than the other political groups from the books. What would be the attraction of playing someone from the Harkonen or Areides house who has its existence behind safe city walls? Apart from that: the Fremen are those who have developed the distillets that supply their carrier with reprocessed water, for which their own sweat and also urine serves as a source. This clothing should not be missing in a dune game that deals with the struggle for survival in the desert.

Water is life

The entire water theme in general: there is nothing more valuable for Fremen. For them, everyone is only worth as much as the water of their body and their ability to collect the vital liquid. Dead are not buried or burned. Instead, the dead still is used to withdraw the water to your bodies. If we could play characters from other peoples in the survival game, the cool wet would of course be important for them, but with Fremen everything is about it. They would best match a game in which the procurement of water would be a much more important, more pronounced gameplay element than in any other genre representative.

Now the game could also be settled on Arrakis after the takeover of Haus Areides. The idea that the players exclusively embody Fremen could still be implemented. However, there is no longer any enemy human NPC parliamentary group, since the hars would no longer be on site. “Yes, but they later attack Arrakis, plunge Haus Areides and take over again?” Yes, right, but shortly afterwards Paul Atreides begins to combine the Fremen into a great nation. Now it may be for a survival game that will probably not tell a prescribed story anyway, it doesn’t matter how short this period is. But if Funcom wants to be on the safe side, the studio is better advised to take up the time before the ATreides arrives on Arrakis.

Fremen - Dune: Spice Wars | 1

I want to ride and fly

Now that I have outlined the basic idea that the Dune Survival game should have in my opinion, of course I still have to go into two elements that every fan knows and loves and who should not be missing in the title: Sandworms and Ornithopter. On the one hand, the former would be a great danger (just like sandstorms that are also a mandatory element), on the other hand: If we are not allowed to ride on the giant monsters in the game, there is a huge outcry.

I have had a game in which I can climb into the cockpit of an ornithopter, since I was going to the cinema last year. And since such a thing is already shown on the concept drawing to the game (teaser image of this article), it would be a huge disclaimer if Funcom would install it but did not let us be controlled. I can already imagine it: As a group, you sneak into a base of the hars, steals an ornithopter, pulls out of then and is happy to have a strong argument in every confrontation with opposing Fremen tribes.

If Funcom now follow my advice/wishes/friendly requests (you do it that way, ok?!), Then I’m really looking forward to the game. However, I would much prefer an RPG or action adventure without a multiplayer component. I like survival sandboxes, but the Dune universe offers great potential for exciting stories. An online game with PvP will never exploit this. But hey, maybe Funcom will still find a team of development who takes on this job. Until then, I would be satisfied with a tribe of sandworm riders and ornithopter pilots to conquer the multiplayer desert world.

League of legends

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football – fans miss popular characters

The new gameplay trailer for Mario Strikers: Battle League Football is largely well received by the community-only the character selection in the football game leaves many Nintendo fans disappointed.

In Mario Strikers: Battle League Footbal, Nintendo serves you a rapid riot variant of Kleinfeld football, in which you can grab your opponents through the arena as you please. A new gameplay trailer shows some promising features , but disappointed fans when choosing playable characters.

new trailer for Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

Mario Strikers: Battle League – Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch

In the trailer for Mario Strikers: Battle League Football you can get a precise picture of the special attacks of your characters ** and the design options of the individual arenas.

The video also provides information on how you can play the football game with your friends. In local co-op mode, up to eight players can play together or play against each other on a switch . Individual matches against other players or in the new Strikers Club league mode are also possible online.

While these features were generally taken in benevolence, fans primarily criticize the limited selection of only 10 characters for a game in which 8 field players fight for the ball.

Mario fans want more characters

While Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser and Toad are among the 10 available characters, other Nintendo creations shine with absence. Fans complain about Reddit that Daisy, bone dry and Bowser Jr. . The disappointment about this is clearly noticeable in the discussions – and some of them even expect the figures to be submitted at least by DLC.

  • “It is a football game, the lack of characters is my biggest problem with it. Having options to create your own dream team is the best aspect of football games. ”( Reddit-user Fern-Ando )

  • “Everything about it looks so good… except for the character selection. Not only are Daisy and Bowser Jr., but also characters such as bone dry, the hammer brother and Shy Guy, which means that the teams will repeat themselves after a while. This is a 4V4 game with only 10 characters. I really don’t know if I wouldn’t have a larger selection instead of the equipment system. ”( Reddit user Bebefanmasterj )

  • “Come on, I want this game to be good. Give me 4 more characters and it could be the best Mario sports game. Come on Nintendo, don’t ruin that. ”( Reddit user Itshammond )

(Source: Reddit)

In our image series we show you which Nintendo games fit your zodiac sign:


With Rune Factory 5, Marvelous announces rising results

Marvelous published his accounts for the fiscal fiscal year on March 31, 2022. One year essentially marked by the release of Rune Factory 5, which exceeded the half-million copies distributed worldwide.

Marverlous distinguishes her video game activity in two groups: ONLINE Game and Consumer Game. The first corresponds to mobile games that are known only in Japan, like Senran Kagura: New Link. The latest game dated in this segment, a certain The Thousand Musketeers: Rhodoknight, urged and trained with it a drop in smartphone profits: only 4.5 million euros against more than 10 million euros a year more early.

Marvelous is therefore not a big actor in the mobile game, but catches up with the group Consumer Game, who made a profit of 38 million euros (31 million a year earlier). Thanks to Rune Factory 5, distributed has more than 500,000 copies worldwide on March 31, 2022, in the wake of its release in the West. Marvelous was also able to count on Pokémon Mezastar, an arcade terminal released in Japan in September 2020 and which continues to make a recipe.

Regarding its projects for the new fiscal year, the Daemon X Machina studio will return in a few days on consoles and PC with Deadcraft, a kind of post-apo management/survival game. We are also waiting for news from Loop8, an RPG whose framework promises to be rather interesting. A PS4 port of Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town was also announced for July 28.

Marvelous results

Period Turnover Operational benefit Net profit

Rune Factory 5 Release Date Announcement [FRENCH]
April 2020 – March 2021 | 190.8 million euros | 33.0 million euros | 24.4 million euros
April 2021 – March 2022 | 192.4 million euros | 34.4 million euros | 28.5 million euros


Free and offer games this weekend (May 13

One more week, here we are to test your self -control. We will review the greatest temptations for your portfolio for the next few days. It doesn’t matter where you play. PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, PC… there is of everything and for all tGames Storetes and budgets . Offers, discounts, bargains, sales. Even completely free games. Everything you will find will be available between May 13 and 15, 2022 (the latter inclusive). Without further delay:

The big sales of Digital Returns

If we talk about the indie market, you have to talk about returning digital. The seal of the distributor hGames Store become a guarantee of quality and a under its clGames Storesroom a set of very personal proposals and Old School flavor. This week, Most of its catalog is of sales . From recent releGames Storees Games Store Trek to yomi or Weird West, to some of the Sleepers of the year lGames Storet Games Store inscryption or death’s door, through ClGames Storesicazos Games Store Hotline Miami or Red Strings Club. Here we leave the best of that selection:

  • The ten essential offers to return digital

Prey, a free jewel at Epic Games Store

This week the Epic Games Store returns to the streets and gives us two free games that can be redeemed for the mere fact of being registered on the platform. In addition, among them highlights the name of prey , for many the bioshock of this generation. A game with the firm of Arkane Studios (creators of Dishonored) that turned 5 years this week and who wanted to celebrate it offering for free to those who have not yet given a chance. The excuses are over .

  • Free Prey Download at Epic Games Store
  • Download Jotum: Valhalla Edition Free in Epic Games Store

Games under subscriptions

Days of free games at Xbox (Xbox Live Gold is required)

The following games can be completely enjoyed throughout the weekend, without any cut function, but once the weekend ends they will be paid again. Something like a premium demo of the titles in question.

  • Tom Clancy’s The Division 2
  • WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship
  • Lawn Mowing Simulator


This Week in Free Gaming | 13 MAY 2022


  • Marvel’s Spider-Man (game edition of the year) for 19.99 euros (60% discount)
  • MGames Stores Effect Legendary Edition for 27.99 euros (60% discount)
  • Mortal Kombat Ultimate for 23.99 euros (60% discount)
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Goty Edition) for 9.99 euros (80% discount)
  • WGames Storeteland 3 for 9.99 euros (75% discount)


  • Exodus Metro (Gold Edition) for 9.99 euros (before 39.99)
  • Homefront The Revolution for 1.99 euros (before 19.99)
  • Saints Row The Third RemGames Storetered for 9.99 euros (before 39.99)
  • Ultimate Edition Control for 15.99 euros (before 39.99)
  • Mad Max for 6.99 euros (before 69.99)

Nintendo Switch

  • Unravel Two for 5.09 euros (before 29.99)
  • Summer in Mara for 9.89 euros (before 21.99)
  • PLANTS VS ZOMBIS: THE BATTLE OF NEIGHBOVILLE (full edition) for 9.99 euros (before 39.99)
  • Down in Bermuda for 0.99 euros (before 19.99)
  • Syberia 1 & 2 for 2.44 euros (before 34.99)


  • Hitman 3 for 26.99 euros (55% discount)
  • The Forest for 5.03 euros (70% discount)
  • BlGames Storephemous for 6.24 euros (75% discount)
  • Titanfall 2 for 4.79 euros (84% discount)
  • GTA IV: The Complete Edition for 5.99 euros (70% discount)

Old Spice Game Aren

We have all dreamed of participating in tournaments of any video game to demonstrate that we are the best and that we can reach great instances, it is currently that young people develop as professional players but there are also amateur competitions where fans can seek glory in addition to some Awards that encourage much more.

** Old Spice Game Aren The best players in the different disciplines that will be within the event.

To be able to register all you need is to enter the Old Spice Game Aren, Argentina and Chile. **

Within the games that we can find for the challenge we will see the great exponents of Riot Game:

  • League of Legends
  • Valorant
  • Teamfight Tactics
    * Legends of Runaterra
  • Wild Rift

Every week the challenges will focus on a different game, so you will have the opportunity to show your skills in each of the available titles. Within the Old Spice Game Arena 2022 platform you can follow the challenges every week, and once you complete some of them you can raise the evidence to continue accumulating points in the competition.

Old Spice | Будь на коне: на спорте и вне!
Remember that you will have to stay within Top 8 to have the opportunity to win some of the incredible awards. All challenges accumulate points, so you can’t stop participating.

All participants will have the opportunity to win very impressive awards where the first place can premiere a totally new Setup Gamer, the dream of any fanatic and that will now be possible thanks to the challenges. Old Spice Game Arena 2022 is the competition you were waiting, with a fun and exciting amount of challenges that will allow you to demonstrate your skills in the best Riot Games games.


How to Get RoboCop skins in Fortnite?

Detroit Cyber ​​Police RoboCop has arrived in the Fortnite Battle Royale store as a new skin. We show you how to get RoboCop in Fortnite.
RoboCop, the legendary action hero of the 80s and 90s, comes to Fortnite Battle Royale as a new skin. In this news, we’ll be covering how to get RoboCop in Fortnite.

How to get RoboCop in Fortnite?
RoboCop skins and accessories are items from the Fortnite Battle Royale store and must be purchased using the game’s virtual currency, V-Bucks. The exchange rate is 1,000 pairs to 7.99 euros as we write this.

What are all the RoboCop items in Fortnite?
Just below, we give you a list of all RoboCop objects in Fortnite, along with their prices in pairs:

RoboCop Bundle (includes RoboCop Skin, LEG-209 Backpack Accessory, LEG-209 Harvest Tool, and ED-209 Mini Emote): 1,800 V-Bucks
Skin RoboCop + LEG-209 Backpack Accessories: 1,500 pairs
LEG-209 Harvesting Tool: 500 V-Bucks
Mini Gesture ED-209: 500 V-Bucks

What are Fortnite skins? Which is the best?
As always, when we publish such news, we have to remind you how Fortnite skins work:
Fortnite skins, like the rest of the game’s accessories, are just aesthetic modifications. That is, they only modify how our characters look in the game. Neither is stronger or better than the other.
All Fortnite cosmetics (skins, backpacks, pickaxes…) can be used without problems in all game modes: Battle Royale, Creative and Save the World.
These items may return to the store in the future, although no one knows precisely when unless Epic Games itself announces it or the store section is leaked a few hours before the daily update.


Max Payne 3 celebrates his 10 years with a special soundtrack

One of the most beloved releases by players in the era of **weather. And now, the iconic video game will fulfill its tenth anniversary of existence, sufficient reason to sell collector edition merchandise.

Specifically, it is the official soundtrack in its anniversary version, which has a dignified remastering for all musical pieces in digital version or through a vinyl. In addition, the band Health, who created the soundtrack, decided to include for the first time in history unpublished issues that 10 years later come to light.

Here the statements of the L.A Style Musical Group:


When we started working in the score of Max Payne 3, we could not have planned the transcendental effect that it would have on the trajectory of our band and the music we do. Now, 10 years later, we remain as proud as always of being part of the story.

For now, there is no launch date or prices for this anniversary merchandise. But it ensures that there will be an important advance later. In addition, let’s not forget that the exact date to celebrate the video game birthday is next Sunday May 15, day more information is made more information.

Max Payne 3 can currently be played in Steam or the launcher of pc of Rockstar Games. Also through the retrocompatibility of xbox series x/s.