Wow brings with patch 9 1 5 equal 3 changes that reduce annoying grind

Blizzard has revealed new changes for the upcoming patch 9.1.5 for World of Warcraft. They help mainly multiplayers and returnees.

The developer team ofWorld of Warcraft has published new information about the upcoming patch 9.1.5. There, the Grind for archived knowledge and adventurer experience should now be reduced. This helps above all returners and multiplayers.

What are that for changes? By a mail in the official forum and changes on the PTR of World of Warcraft, some innovations have become known for the upcoming patch 9.1.5. These include:

Rare opponents in Korthia have relics several times daily (was previously only once a day)
A new weekly quest for a large amount of archived knowledge is available when a character has reached the Account Code Level 4
For 10,000 anima, an item can be purchased, which gives an adventurer of your pact 5,000 experience points

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In addition, you can find more opponents with certain objects, carrying relics and discovering tamed gromits more relics. The innovations also involve more changes that Korthia is making better for twinks.

What do the changes do? Especially many players and returnees benefit from the changes. A high level in the Code is approximately necessary to strengthen the important media of your soul gang.

Especially if you want to get in raids or high mythical key stones, the change will save you a lot of time. Anyone who has not played a lot of the last weeks and months can catch up faster. Likewise, second characters can be made faster. Even newcomers can benefit from it.

The same applies to the Anima regulation. Since patch 9.1 there is significantly more Anima and many players do not know where to do with it. However, the levels of adventurers lasts, but the missions provide good rewards such as resources or soul glow and soul ash.

With more strong adventurers, it becomes easier to complete heavier missions and new trailers are not so eternally on low levels around. The experts from WOWHEAD have already counted that you need for an adventurer 790,000 anima for level 1-60 – for all 20 adventurers it needs 15,800,000 anima.

Patch 9.1.5 brings several improvements

This is still in the new patch: In general, Patch 9.1.5 will be interesting especially for players with several characters. It will be possible, for example, to levels about Torghast or free packs from a certain glory.

The change to the pacts also helps players who like to go in mythical dungeons, run Raiden or PVP – or equal to several activities at the same time. Because often certain packages for the classes depending on the content are better or less good. More about this can be found in our overview of the pacts of Shadowlands on Meinmom.

The campaign for the respective pact can even be skipped with the upcoming patch. In addition, restrictions like the AOE cap disappear, there are old dungeons back and the legendary system will be a bit revised.

In principle, many changes that the community has been part of the Beta of Shadowlands. Accordingly, many of the players look forward to the update. Everything about Patch 9.1.5 can be found in our hub:

When will Patch 9.1.5? So far, there is no concrete date for the release. However, many players assume that Patch 9.1.5 will go live at the end of October 2021. It fits that now more and more information is published.

The patch could calm the mood in the community again something. It has just been heated by some decisions of the developer team. Even Corthyn by Meinmmo is now difficult:

Writing about Blizzard and World of Warcraft is only a torment

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