Destiny 2 Jurassic Green How to get and roll God

It s Halloween again in the Destiny Universe 2. The tower is completely dressed. sinister decorations, and our favorite grandmother Eva Levante is

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It s Halloween again in the Destiny Universe 2. The tower is completely dressed. Eniestro decorations, and our favorite grandmother Eva Levante is back in the tower to guide us through another event. However, if you are here, you are probably beginning to get your candies and masks, but you ask yourself how to cultivate the new event weapon of the event, Jurassic Green, a formidable fast-fire pulse rifle. In this guide we will review How to get Jurassic Green and how to cultivate your divine parchment.

How to get Jurassic Green – Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2021

Having at least one Jurassic Green is quite simple. All you need to do is complete the introductory mission Festival of the Lost 2021 of Eva Levante. She only asks you to do a single main activity, such as crucible or gambit, and then do a single haunted lost sector. After that, he returns to Eva Levante and you will get your new pulse rifle.

However, to cultivate Jurassic Green, you must continue participating in the haunted sectors, you can consult our Farm Spectral Pages Guide to get more information on how to improve your rewards. But the main thing is to enter a routine of fast agricultural activities, make the spectral pages manifest through the enchanted sectors and deliver them to Eva Levante. When you have completed the enchanted sector, it is expected that you have another jurassic green with new advantage reels.

Also you get three free rolls of Mara Sov if you got the lens ascending last year and you give it to you.

If you are reading this and the festival of the loss of 2021 is over, you will probably have to wait for next year s event. Sorry!

Parchment of the Jurassic Green God

As for a god run for Jurassic Green, well, as usual, it depends on several factors. First, why do you use? And two, their own personal preferences. Jurassic Green is a fast-frame pulse rifle found in the energy slot with solar damage.

In PVP, you really want to increase your rank statistic as much as possible, since this will help you stay constant in longer and safe ranges without sacrificing so much power and precision. Then, for the first two columns, anything that increases your scope statistic should help there. In the last two columns, I would recommend pairing the rangefinder with something like Wellspring to help you with your neutral game.

For PVE, you can be a bit more creative. The scope is not IGUAL that crucial in the PVE modes, so you can probably drop the rangefinder for something like subsistence, Killing Wind or Heating Up and Multikill Clip or Dragonfly in the second space. Personally, it would probably opt for subsistence and multikill clip. The sustenance allows you to limit deaths in a single charger, so you can recharge for a good increase in damage.

That is all you need to know for How to get Jurassic Green and what is your potential as a roll of God . To get more information about Destiny 2, consult more of our recent content below.

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