Zelda player lands phenomenal hits that lets you look old

An absurd hits in Breath of the Wild just ensures enthusiasm at Zelda players. (Image: Nintendo / Getty Images -…

It should be really that a 4 year after the release of Breath of the game hardly something can impress something from the game. A reddit clip of a Zelda player now ensures that even true experts run down the chin load – because there is so a phenomenal hit rarely to admire.

Krasser as Legolas: Zelda player shows wrong hits

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is already one of the absolute classics for the Nintendo Switch for about 4 years after the release. Thanks to the variety of different mechanics that interlock in the game, players still find new tricks that the community is completely impressed.

On Reddit, the user makes Jhent s talk of themselves, who puts the craft in a clip with a spectacular bow trick – but see themselves:

With the use of the magnet, bombs and stasis modules, he creates a metallic box in unexpected heights. This is then targeted back to the opponent, which was previously transformed with an ice pile to an ice statue.

Although the opponent has a proud 720 lifestyle , he is immediately downstream of the tremendous impact of the box – a real hit!

Trickshots and Co: for many Zelda players a real sport

Again and again the players will find new opportunities that make the Breath of the Wild physics system on the head and lead to fun events.

Only recently there was a small competition in which Zelda players could catapult as far as possible through the desert by a Molduga. And at the beginning of the year, an arrow hit caused a stir that bridged a distance of over 1,400 meters.

Weler Zelda part was the best? And which was the worst? We have set up the ultimate ranking:

Breath of the game seems to develop due to its open sandbox in this area to a second Skyrim . We are definitely curious which mystery the games will be discovered next and uses to your advantage.

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