PLAY PODCAST 271 island friendly Grottenkick and Kevins D ner

The play podcast 272 is about the miserable efootball, which is surprisingly great Far Cry 6 as well as all sorts of gender.

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Today s consequence of the play podcast will be presented by World of Tanks, the legendary online multiplayer tank game. With our code you can also go with a free premium package worth around 20 euros. All the information and the game you will learn in the new episode!

Since he is finally, the podcast, which enlightens what fallen football world champion from 2014 to the career! Of course, our nonsense digits are not the main theme of episode 271 of the play podcast. Sascha and Chris have invited the good Michi to talk to him about the new pes … Sorry … Reading Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Michi has tested the Free-2 Play Flop. Besides, Michi and Chris now play both Ubisoft s Open World Shooter Far Cry 6 and chat then of course about it. Spoiler: Both are quite excited about the balloon. Sascha then tells of PC-exclusive New World, but that does not interest anyone here. Therefore, it is also about the community area that rounds this more than two-hour issue. Have fun with it and eyes on at the cup!

Here you will find our Spotify Playlist: Debil & Thirsty (Play Podcast)

The new episode listen directly here!

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The topics of issue 271:
00:00:24 – Intro, Welcome, Sanding
00:07:32 – Advertising: World of Tanks
00:09:30 – Efootball

Shark Movies, Games that Made Us Cry, and Atlantis - Cinemassacre Podcast
00:42:13 – Far Cry 6
01:09:30 – Other
01:24:07 – Community

The next edition of the play podcast will be published on 1 November 2021.

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