New World That s how Aggro works with mockery and aggro

Aggro in New World pull, build and hold. We show you what you need to know about the threat in New World.

How can you draw inNew World aggro and hold? We show you everything you need to know in the game to aggro. So it refuels successful or are for your tanks no annoying players.

What s aggro? As Aggro refers in multiplayer games the attention of an opponent. Who has the aggro, which is under attack from the corresponding focused mob. In a group, attention should best tank of the enemy, and keep the aggro.

Caused her too much damage / healing or attacking too early, it can happen that you steal the aggro. With the ridicule capability, a tank can then raise the focus of the opponent again.

We show you at a glance how the aggro in New World works.

aggro pull, build and maintain – How s New World?

say the developers: In the forum of New World Chardis explains a developer of New World, as the target prioritization of opponents and the Aggro system of the game function (via

How to choose opponents from the goal? Most opponents in New World choose their destination based on threat (aggro). The threat is calculated from induced healing (to other players and also upon you) with spells, damage to enemies, the blocking of damage to enemy and ridicule capability.

Select an opponent the player as a target, which is currently the highest in the threat list. This player then has the aggro this opponent.

You think as long as the aggro of an opponent until one of the following events occurs:

  1. Another player generates more aggro than you and fights moved to the top of the threat list
  2. Another player uses the ridicule capability
  3. The AI ​​opponents use a special ability, the player takes the finish that just do not have aggro

These three scenarios explained Chardis more detail:

1: Player A has 100 threat and aggro of the opponent. Player B generates 110 threat and thus obsolete Player A. Now, Player B aggro of enemies and the AI ​​attacks Player B
2: Player A has 100 threat and Player B has 0 threat, then the mockery capability uses. He pulls directly the aggro of the opponent, which is now attacking him as long as the aggro ability is active. After that the enemy attacks the opponent, who is the highest in the threat list.
3: If Player A has 100 threat and Player B 0, an opponent still attacking player B. He uses the ability I throw my spear at the player who is farthest away , then the threat list is ignored for this ability.

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How s it going with healers and aggro? How Chardis explains healing caused significantly less threat per capacity than any other weapon. But as you also AoE healing and healing can conjure over time (Hots) with life bar, can also be set so that threat.

Heals her your tank before it can do damage to the opponent, then you have a healer first aggro. Your tank may scoff at this case and build up its threat to harm, to keep the aggro.

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