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On October 19, 2021, Zero Pointer Games and Humble Games published the demonic Roguelite shooter into the pit for PC and Xbox One. The download via Micros …

On October 19, 2021, zero pointer games and humble games have published the demonic roguelite shooter in the pit (from 13,49 € at purchase) for PC and Xbox One. The download via Microsoft Store, Humble Store, Gog and Steam, where the user reviews will be positive to date 100 percent, costs 14.99 euros each. In addition, the mystical retro shooter is also included in the Xbox Game Pass (Ultimate).

In the game description it says: You and your cousin Luridia belong to a family of mysticians. You are separated from each other through the country to get rumors about occult powers to the bottom of Luridia s regular letters away after they have a demonic letters Discovered pit in a village. Something is terribly wrong. Now it s up to you to travel under a bleak sky to the lonely village. What has Luridia discovered? Which huge power came to light in this village?

Humble Games - Day One with Xbox Game Pass
As features are mentioned:

Vapors with chaotic magic – experiments with different spells and forces to become an unstoppable magician .
Wandable and treacherous night – rapid action and entertaining levels require all your attention. You never know what horrors lurk behind the next corner.
Werde more and stronger – rescue villagers so they open shops in which you can buy permanent improvements that unfold your potential and help you with your screens in the pit .
The own challenge – combine the keys and runes that you can find on your travels to create different night .

Last updated video: Launch Trailer

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