Destiny 2 fans show their discontent upon discovering that expansion dungeons The witch queen must be bought separately

Bungie will force to buy Deluxe edition of Destiny 2: Queen Witch to access his new dungeons, something that has indignant to the online shooter fans.

Destiny 2 fans are not at all happy to discover that the expansion dungeons The Witch Queen will not be included in the standard edition of the game, and neither in the Season Pass. You can only access them by buying the face Digital Edition Deluxe .

The February 22, 2022 The Witch Queen will be launched, the new expansion of Destiny 2 with a new campaign, location and gun class, Glaive. However, there will be three dungeons that will not be included in the standard editions.

The Community Manager of the Game of Bungie, Chris Shannon , clarified it in a Reddit publication, which has been fulminated to vows and negative comments.

If purchases the Deluxe Deluxe edition of The Witch Queen you will receive the expansion, the four seasons next year, and the two dungeons. If you buy the standard edition, you can Update paying to the Deluxe edition to get the dungeons later.

We will also offer a form of Buy dungeons Pore separate in the future, but will not be included in the passages of seasons.

That is, the standard edition, of 39.99 euros , will not give you access to the two new dungeons of Destiny 2: Queen Witch. You will have to buy the Deluxe Edition , which costs 79.99 euros , or if you already have the standard, update the deluxe later paying the difference. You can also buy the dungeons separately at an unknown price yet.

To that, as they point out from VGC, you have to add a third dungeon that will be launched only with the 30th anniversary pack of Bungie , and that it will not be included in the seasonal passes or in the DELUXE version .

Therefore, if you want to access all the new content of Destiny 2, including the three dungeons, the most economical way to do it is with the Bundle Destiny 2: The Queen Witch Deluxe + package of the 30th anniversary of Bungie , That comes to 99.99 euros .

The release of Destiny 2: Queen Witch will also force you to archive one of your best expansions, the renegados . If you have not played it, this will be your last chance. The Destiny Base game 2 is now Free to play, but if you want to access the new content, it will not be cheap.

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