Insider says Battlefield 2042 is ready calls details about development

According to industry insider Tom Henderson, Battlefield 2042 has reached gold status. To do this, he gives details about Early Access and the Release version.

A software release life cycle is the sum of the phases of growth and also maturation for an item of computer software program. Cycles vary from its preliminary advancement to its eventual release, and also consist of upgraded versions of the released version to help enhance software or solution software application pests still present in the software.
Computer system individuals are most likely to be knowledgeable about the beta stage, as software are occasionally publicly promoted as being beta in order to minimize users expectations of their integrity.

Once again, the insider Tom Henderson speaks. This time it s about the current state of the development of Battlefield 2042. Apparently the shooter has already reached gold status. In addition, the insider is expressed about the Early Access version and a DAY-1 patch of the new Battlefield.

EXCLUSIVE Tom Henderson Interview | Battlefield 6 Marketing and Trailer Discussion

Who is that? Henderson is considered industry insider, who is well-known for shooters such as COD and Battlefield well and maintains contacts to the developer studios.

So he has already revealed several details about Battlefield 2042 in advance, even before it was clear how the latest Battlefield offshoot would be called. The information about the modes Battlefield Portal and Hazard Zone also revealed before they were officially presented.

Nevertheless, he has a difficult thing in the community. For the date of the Open Beta of Battlefield 2042, he was wrong what he was able to connect internal difficulties in developers DICE and EA.

Now he reported to word and announced: Battlefield 2042 basically applied to DICE and reached the gold status. As it looks, there will also be a Day-1 patch.

Battlefield 2042 probably appears on time, with a day-1 patch

That says Henderson: As already known, Battlefield 2042 will start in the Early Access on the 12th of November. This version will probably be different from the difference that appears for everyone on November 19th.

This will give it a day-0 build (Early Access)
The official release will then appear the Day-1 version with a patch
Battlefield 2042 has reached the Gold status with the day0 build now

What does Gold Status mean? Gold status does not mean that the game is finished. It merely means that Battlefield 2042 is for the developers at a point where you could deliver it.

The development still progresses. Thus, Henderson says: Basically, both builds are now completely – that is, the basic works are completed and the builds are considered stable enough to be processed. (Via Twitter)

Thus, finished by no means means that no more bugs and fixes are being worked on. This fear has some players after it came to numerous technical problems during the Open Beta.

However, if this info is considered properly, it should be confirmed: Battlefield 2042 appears on time and will not be moved again, as desired, for example, colleague Benedict Grothaus and many other fans wanted.

Thus, the fans can adjust to a release as of 12. November and November. But consider that this is not official information.

How do I take part in the Early Access phase? Access to you if you have an EA play subscription. Alternatively, you can order the Gold or Ultimate Edition of Battlefield 2042.

On which platforms Battlefield 2042? The shooter comes to the PC, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PS4 and PS5.

If you want to know what s right opposite the old parts, you can watch the 5 biggest innovations in Battlefield 2042.

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