Brawl Stars This is Lola All the details and skills of the Brawler Chromatic of the season 9

Read at Millenium: Brawl Stars prepares for a new season and will do it with the arrival of a new character in the spotlight. On this occasion she has touched the shift to Lola, the chromatic Brawler that will reach the game during season 9.

The community of Brawl Stars is prepared to welcome you to a new Brawler. On the occasion of the closeness of the season 9 and after just a few weeks of waiting after the brawl half-season, a new talk has taken place with those responsible for Supercell in which it has been presented to Lola A new newly reached character from the most luxurious Hollywood that promises to convert the battlefield into a true Glamur waste.

Lola skills, the Brawler Arrival of cinema

As usual after these initial presentations, there are still a few mysteries to solve about this character and it is very likely that we take some surprise when the complete revelation takes place. However, the developers have already let us see the first details of the new chromatic brawler and we can make a good idea of ​​what Lola s functions will be when she finally land at Brawl Stars.

Health : 5,600
Basic Attack : Throw six diamonds one after another that dispersed in a small cone as they advance. Each of them inflicts 509 of damage.
Super : launches a pendant that when impacting creates a copy of itself with half health. This clone replicates all movements and attacks performed by Lola inflicting the same amounts of damage.

The Lola Skills Kit is very interesting and allows you to create situations of decisive numerical superiority in team fights or duels against one. Also and although it attacks it dispersed a bit, the angle is quite narrow so that they will be easy to impact. It will be necessary to see how she is situated at the Tier List, but she is undeniable that she looks good.

How to get Lola in Brawl Stars?

We will still have to wait a bit to make them with Lola, who will arrive at Brawl Stars in season 9. However, she she will be available at Elbrawl Pass as usual in this category of characters. In case we can not get it for any reason, She can also be obtained in boxes in the future .

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