Switch OLED Nintendo advises you to remove the protective film

If you have given you one of the new switch OLED consoles: Look the protective film on it, advises Nintendo!

For a few days, the Nintendo Switch OLED is in the trade and if you are one of the happy buyers, you certainly have fun with the larger, improved screen and the chic, white joy-cons. You should also noticed that the screen of the console is already covered with a foil.

This is a Nintendo new-developed anti-scattering protector and you please do it on the screen! Because in contrast to the old Nintendo Switch (Buy Now 379,26 €), the screen of the OLED model consists of glass and not of plastic and is thus slightly fragile. If you drop your brand new console, prevents the protective film that the glass is distributed in all directions and should prevent injury.

Nintendos Please: Let the protective film on the Switch OLED

To answer any ambiguity, IGN Nintendo asked for a direct statement regarding the new protective film. Nintendo came to the request, explained that players should please the protective film on the screen and also refer to the enclosed usage guidelines:

As indicated on page 2 of the Nintendo Switch OLED Health and Safety Information and Usage Guidelines (included in the Box along with the system), please do not pull the displeasing anti-scattering protector from the OLED screen of the console.

The question of whether players can blee an extra protective film on their console, answered: Nintendo sells an official OLED model screen protection that fits on the new screen, so yes, you can use one. If you already exist? So do not go enough and you want to make it twice as possible, you can get extra protection at any time. Whether the improved version of the switch is worthwhile, we reveal you in our detailed test.

Incidentally, Metroid Dread appeared at the same time with the Nintendo Switch OLED on Friday. The latest adventure of the intrepid bounty hunter Samus Aran expresses all buttons that must press a Metroidvania and is therefore a successful trip to the expanses of space. You will find our test for the game here.

Source: IGN

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Should You Remove the Plastic Film on the Switch OLED Screen?

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