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With the Switch OLED, Nintendo has published an improved version of the original console. But what does she stop? That has a well-known..

With the Switch OLED, Nintendo has published an improved version of the original console. But what does she stop? That has tested a well-known Youtuber and he is positively surprised.

Nintendo Switch OLED: Tested with knife and fire

The Youtuber Jerry s aversion has been dealing with hardware of all kinds for years and his channel is not for a weak nerve. There is tested and with hard means – but only so you can actually know what your device can stand out without having to create your own hand or in the case knife.

Everything starts harmlessly with a test. It is already known that the screen of the OLED is made of glass, but there is a plastic layer, even from the Nintendo also triggers to remove it. Of course, these are not undamaged after the effects of things like metal and coins, But in an emergency one can replace this plastic layer quickly.

UNSER Tech editor Kaan is enthusiastic about the console:


48 hours with the Switch OLED: Why not the same, Nintendo?

Kaan Gürayer

Testujemy NOWE NINTENDO SWITCH OLED! *1v1 w różne gry*

Then the knife is pulled to find out which materials the console is in itself. Both the screen frame and the stator of the switch are made of metal and thus significantly more robust than the original model.

The body of the console still consists of plastic, but a hardness test shows, the switch OLED is flexible despite all violence flexible, but it stays completely. Even the joycons are surprisingly good.

Even before fire, Youtuber Jerry does not stop and there is good to report. After about 35 seconds with direct fire contact, some pixels of irreparably turned white, but the plastic protection did not give up and did not start to melt – a good sign.

In his video you can watch everything yourself:

Conclusion by Jerryigeverything

Basically, the Youtuber gave a thumbs up for Nintendo. The console and the joycons are stable and highly worked. He even wonders that the console costs only 50 US dollars more than the original model. Test probably passed.

Ihr does the switch OLED? For example, they exist at Amazon:

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) white

Now from 389,00 € at Amazon

The price may be higher now. Price from 30.10.2021 09:11 clock

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