BRAWL STARS Update Clubs November 2021

The update of the clubs arrives on Brawl Stars! The number of players per club will go from 100 to 30 members according to the ranking.

The new club update arrives in November on Brawl Stars. The program, an in-depth modification of their operation. But above all, the number of places that will go from 100 to 30 members!

To find all the update information we offer a summary. You can also discover it on the official French website of Brawl Stars.


November update and new clubs

As you can see on the visual, you will have to intervene at stake if you want to keep controlling the operation of your clubs. Here is the summary of the modifications:

Players have not played for 14 days will be expelled clubs.

Players with the best ranking will have priority and stay in the original club.
The ranks in order: President, Vice-President, Senior, Member.
If ranks are equal, it will be the players with the most trophies that will be priorities.
If the main clan exceeds the 30 members, a second club will automatically be created, with the same rules, until all active players are in a club.
All new clubs will have the same name as the original club.

The opportunity also to answer some recurring questions:

The size of the list of friends remains the same.
If you want to talk to players who are at risk of leaving the club and are not in your friends list, do it before the update, you will not be able to do it next.
The name of the club can not be changed, you have to create a new one if you want a new name.

You can obviously anticipate changes by creating new clubs of 30 players now!

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