Aven Colony is already free for download at Epic Games Store which announces more gifts

The store of Fortnite creators invites us to build a colony in an alien world this week. From this afternoon Epic Games Store allows its users and curious to download without cost Aven Colony, a video game…

From this afternoon EPIC Games Store allows its users and curious to download without cost Aven Colony, a videogame of strategy and construction of cities where we must look for a new home to humanity among the stars.

Premiered in 2017, Aven Colony proposes to travel to Aven Prime, an alien planet with deserts, tundras and jungles for light years of Earth, with the mission of to be sent to the colonizing mission to pass from having small settlements in The place to gigantic and prosperous cities, all while driving different challenges from a world that does not want to put things easily.

MotherShip Entertainment guarantees a rich proposal in this aspect, allowing the user to travel a planet with various biomas and an atmosphere with low levels of oxygen, inhabited by extreme thunderstorms, storms of fragments, tornadoes of sand, toxic gase eruptions Mortals from geothermal ducts and long days that have their own seasons.

Aven Colony had a discreet but positive reception by the press, as well as by the users of other platforms such as Steam, where they accumulate hundreds of critiques mostly positive. Out of promotion the City-Builder can be in store at a price of 29.99 euros. As always, the free Epic Games Store video games will be available for download for seven days.

Aven Colony is FREE Epic Games Store

After this time, Epic Games Store will renew inviting players to get a DLC of the Shooter-Tactician in third person Rogue Company.

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