Metroid Dread won t ignore failed boss battles for your total play time anymore

Unlocking those ends gets a little tougher

A brand-new collection of Metroid Dread patch notes have actually gone real-time, with the second update for the game taking care of up a concern that s probably been a little as well positive to your total play time.

Nintendo published the Metroid Dread patch notes in an upgrade to its official support website, with solutions outlined for six details problems in the game. Principal among them is a solution for a problem which would just add to your total play time when retrying a details manager battle; in other words, Metroid Dread originally ignored the added time you spent when you obtained a game over for the bulk of its employer fights, meaning it would only count the moment you spent for your last, successful efforts towards your total amount.

Some of the one in charge fights in Metroid Dread are lovely hard, to ensure that s possibly a lot of retries as well as extra time to neglect about. Your total play time identifies what type of ending scene and opens you get at the very end – as is Metroid practice – so it s a substantial information for the video game to track accurately.

GRAVITY SKIP | Metroid Dread Glitch

The other concerns dealt with in the brand-new Metroid Dread patch notes consist of fortifying a pressure gave up sustained by striking frozen enemies with Shine Spark, weirdness with leaping while in a Morph Ball Launcher, and a couple of problems where Samus or enemies might obtain stuck in the atmosphere.

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