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EPIC Games offers a new free game again. (Image: Team 17 / Getty Images – Daria Kashurina) Epic Games Give away in…

EPIC GAMES gives away a strategy hit this week, in which you slowly build your colony in space. According to reports, Aven Colony is a perfect game to relax.

Aven Colony: New Free Game of Epic Games

A new week, a new free game of Epic Games. This time fans of players come to their expense, because in the online shop of the provider you can now download by 11 November 2021 at 17:00 Aven Colony.

In the game, it is your task to colonize the foreign planet Aven Prime. While your settlement is still nothing more than a small village, you gradually build your colony for a blooming city and can also be found more settlements.

You must be careful to ensure that you provide your colonies with a appropriate infrastructure so that you can take care of your citizens and workers.

ERTSTEM Game scenes from Aven Colony you can look at the Launch Trailer:

Aven colony now for free at Epic Games Dust

For whom is the new free game suitable?

Building A Thriving Colony On An Alien Planet ! *FREE* Aven Colony First Look | Z1 Gaming

A look into the reviews on Steam and Metacritic show: For fans of heavy playbacks Aven Colony is likely to be boring quickly – because the game often takes you to the hand and explain to you hair condition, how your abuses avoids and gives you in your settlement Corresponding action recommendations, then there should be problems.

If, on the other hand, those looking for a relaxed game, in which he can slowly watch how his space colony grows further and thrives to turn off a bit, Aven Colony should definitely give a chance.

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