Battlefield 2042 Feedback to the beta was overwhelming positive says EA

Feedback on Beta of Battlefield 2042 was overwhelming according to Electronic Arts.

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The publication of Battlefield 2042 is within reach. Already next Friday, first players in the Early Access can draw with the new specialists in the battle.

Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, has spoken in the last financial report on Battlefield 2042. To the beta phase of the game, he said that the feedback of the players had been overwhelming positive.

The beta continued to correspond to an early version of the game, which was also talking about with the community. The team also work on the final version and improvements.

I think the feedback from the beta phase was all in all overwhelming. There were some conversations about some elements of beta, which is not unnatural innovation. And we will be able to take this feedback on these elements — these constructive elements — and really implement them into the game. And I think we talked to the community that it was an earlier version of the game we used for the beta while the team continues to work on the final version of the game and optimizes it. So we have a very good feeling there. I think if you look at the early access numbers and the access numbers overall, you should interpret this as a tremendous demand.

Battlefield 2042 will be published on November 19th. As you can play from the 12th of November, this article will be explained.

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