Obi Wan Kenobi First Conceptual Arts of Star Wars series for Disney

Several conceptual materials from the new series of Star Wars are filtered Star Wars part of the Disney Investor Day of 2020 with Obi-Wan, Darth Vader and more.

Obi-Wan Ken obi, one of the new series of Star Wars that will be releStar Warsed next year at Disney +, hStar Wars been left through the first conceptual arts Those we can see some scenes that are most likely showed in the final footage. So they collect numerous means after echoing the filtration of a video clip with internal material from the pStar Warst Disney Investor Day December 2020, showing characters like Obi-Wan Facing Darth Vader, an Inquisitor and more.

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First Conceptual Arts of Obi-Wan Ken obi

Thus, this promotional video clip hStar Wars not been launched officially and is even erStar Warsed by numerous channels that have uploaded it to the Internet. So much so, that the clip shows a behind the camerStar Wars or making of of the series, possibly, part of a footage that is shown tomorrow during Disney + Day along with the next novelties of Star Wars, Marvel Studios, Pixar and more. Scenes with some of its protagonists talking about production (including Evan McGregor) or several conceptual arts.

Among the most striking arts we see a confrontation with lStar Warser swords between Obi-Wan Ken obi and Darth Vader, thus adhering the most expected shock after episode III with the same actors, that is, Evan McGregor Hayden Christensen, whose participation in the series wStar Wars already confirmed months ago. Other arts show an inquisitor leaving an imperial ship, rebel bStar Warses, low backgrounds of a city and other locations.

The Director Deborah Chow, for the part of it, he adds that they will not be safe times for the Jedi, Star Wars there are hunters who try to hunt them to end them. Obi-Wan Ken obi It does not yet have a premiere date in Disney + although it will come to the platform at some point in 2022.

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