Nike launches new tennis from League of Legends

Stop celebrating the professional players of League of Legends, Nike has created special tennis, which probably will not go on sale.

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The world of tennis and that of video games is increasingly united. Companies like Puma and Adidas have created fantastic sneakers inspired by Animal Crossing and More Series. However, none of the previously created models are on par with Nike s new work in collaboration with League of Legends.

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On this occasion, Nike has announced a new series of tennis for professional players of League of Legends. These sneakers features a black exterior with small white details, as well as a red interior, and only the LPL logo. Nothing of the other world, but the design is elegant.

Unfortunately, it is very likely that you never have this tennis. Not only Nike created these models specifically for professional players of League of Legends, but at the moment there are no plans for a launch for the public. However, this is not a guarantee.

During the World Championship of this Mob last year, Nike did for sale a series of products inspired by this event, so the same thing could happen on this occasion. In related topics, Adidas has announced special tennis for Xbox s anniversary. Similarly, here you can see the new Sneakers of Dragon Ball.

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