We celebrated a year since the PS5 and Series X was launched

We review how these consoles and Hype have been evolving that there was at the time for them.

Squid Game (Hangul: 오징어 게임; RR: Jingle Game), or the video game of squid in Quebec, is a dramatic TV series of South Korean survival of 9 episodes, produced by Hwang Dong-Hyek and also broadcast worldwide September 17, 2021, on Netflix.
Featuring Lee Jungle, Park Hanson as well as Jung Houston, this series informs the story of a group of individuals, strongly indebted or perhaps messed up, who risk their lives in a strange survival video game with as a benefit. A significant sum,
First South Oriental series to win on top 10 of the streaming platform, this program contrasted to Appetite Games or Royale Battle took critics like the public by shock. According to Due date, she also dominated, in the space of 10 days, the top 10 of the platform in 90 nations.
On October 12, 2021, Netflix announces that the series accounts for the most effective start-up ever seen on its platform, with an overall of 111 million views in 27 days, therefore exceeding the American series The Bridgetown Chronicle and also its 82 million views in one month,
On November 9, 2021, supervisor Hwang Dong-Hyek officially reveals a period 2.

A day like today but a year ago, many of us were opening for the first time our new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X | s. Both consoles arrived with only a couple of days of difference, and Contrary to what happened with the past generation, the new Sony machines and Microsoft had a very similar reception between the community.

You will remember that the signature of Redmond was the first to reveal its new console during the ceremony of The Game Awards in 2019, while Japanese Technology was expected until the mid 2020 to show us what the successor of the Successful PlayStation 4.

Prior to his official revelations we had a lot of rumors circulating these consoles, as they could run games up to 8k and that, due to the pandemic, they would have a very high value within the market. Well, almost none of these rumors turned out to be true, although both the PS5 and the x | s series proved much more powerful than it was thought.

Undoubtedly, the Xbox Series X | S received a strong blow with the delay of Halo Infinite, because it was the title that was designed to demonstrate all the potential of the new generation of Microsoft. For its part, the PS5 stressed by having a huge launch catalog, with games like Marvel s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon s Souls, Sack boy: Big Adventure and more.

However, several analyzes by the experts showed that the X | s series was superior to PS5 when you ran Third-Party games. Assassin s Creed Valhalla was one of the main examples, with the version of series x overcoming that of PS5 in terms of resolution and charts rate per second. The playing field is a bit more leveled today, but there are still titles that have a better performance in the Console of Microsoft. In addition to clear, the great value you receive with all the retractable games and FPS Boost.

Speaking of functions, both the X | s series like PS5 has received a significant range of news about this last year. For example, PS5 already allows you to expand the internal storage of the console, as well as the Quality of Life changes towards your interface. Meanwhile, the Dashboard of X is already deployed in 4K native, in addition to the menu are much more intuitive and responsive.

Yes, we know that both platforms still lack many functions that we would love to see implemented, but we are barely in the first year and sure that they come very much more in the future.

Throughout this last year, we have seen that PS5 has received a lot of exclusive games, as well as the recent PlayStation Showcase 2021 gave us a complete look at future projects that we can enjoy in this console. But we can not leave behind the X | S series, which has had an incredible year with premiere as Fora Horizon 5, Psychopath 2, and soon, Halo Infinite.

Microsoft applied that of If it is not broken, do not fix it as for the traditional control of Xbox, although it was implemented a few changes to your design in addition to the addition of the Share button. For its part, Sony decided to leave behind the dual shock 4 in favor of dual sense, the new special control of PS5 that gave that true feeling next-gen to the games.

Particularly, Castro s playroom gave us a taste of all the potential that can reach dual sense, and although it is true that we have not had a game that takes advantage of these functions so that Even the titles third — party have not left behind this new gimmick.

And speaking of designs, the X series gave the surprise to be much smaller than the PS5. There were even shops that offered special models in their furniture, so you can choose the indicated in case you were to receive any of these consoles. The X series also turned out to be a much simpler console, because it was not necessary to install a base or anything if you wanted to place the vertical or horizontally console.

PS5 and Xbox Series X: One year later

I think I speak for many when I say that neither the PS5 nor the x | s series have managed to disappoint users. Yes, the pandemic drastically affected the launch of many games, but eventually we are going to arrive and will then be when we can see what these powerful machines are capable of.

If you are still not convinced which one suits you, remember that here at Atomic We reviewed all of them at the time. If you are interested in a PS5 then here we leave you the link of our analysis, or if what you are looking for is a X | s series, then you will find our contents about it.

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