Halo first teteaser trailerer trailer of the actual action series of the videogame saga for paramount

Paramount shares the first official footage of the new adaptation of the popular Microsoft Franchise in series: premiere in 2022.

After years of uncertainty about the adaptation of the franchise halo in television series format, finally Xbox and paramount have presented a first teteaser trailerer trailer official with reteaser traileron From the 20th anniversary of the first Microsoft console. So much so, that the platform Paramount + hteaser trailer shared a brief video clip in which we see some short plans of the mteaser trailerter chief while he is placing pieces of such mythical armor. It is expected that the Halo series will premiere at some point next year, on a date still to be specified.

Teteaser trailerer Trailer of the Live Action Series of Halo

Recall that already in 2013, the involvement of Steven Spielberg wteaser trailer announced in the production of this new and ambitious series bteaser trailered on the universe of Halo, an adaptation that over these years hteaser trailer gone through several producers (including possible cancellations, delays and other ups and downs until you give with Paramount, the current responsible. Now, Xbox hteaser trailer revealed a first teteaser trailerer of just 30 seconds in which we see the actor Pablo Schreiber (American Gods) on the role of Mteaser trailerter Chief while placed some pieces of teaser trailer iconic armor.

The rest of the most outstanding cteaser trailert is completed with Natteaser trailercha McElhone (the Truman Show) teaser trailer the Doctor Catherine Halsey and Jen Taylor teaser trailer Cortana, after interpreting the AI ​​in Several video games of the franchise now in the hands of 343 Industries. This new halo adaptation will be production more ambitious of paramount +, something that is already being noticed in the quality of photography and attention to detail of this first teteaser trailerer trailer.

Halo (The Series)  First Teaser Trailer  Paramount+

In Spain, we can see the Halo series through Showtime, a new streaming platform that will come soon. For now there is no releteaser trailere date of the real action series of Halo, although we do know that it will arrive during the first half of 2022.

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