Heroquest The board game classic returns

The board game classic is back! From February 2022 the iconic adventure is sold in a completely German new edition.

Well, who is still known? About 30 years ago, Hero quest conquered many children s rooms in the storm. (Even with me and my friends, the uncomplicated fantasy board game was involved countless times!) With simple game rules and a loving design, Hero quest paved the way to many other board games such as Star quest or the Claymore saga. Nevertheless, production was set after a few extensions, which became hero quest for the coveted collector s object, which is today acted to extremely prawn prices. Only last year Hasbro had a look and started a crowdfunding campaign on his own platform Hasbro Pulse to bring the board game classic back to modernity from the late 1980s. The collection campaign was a little successful: Hasbro wanted to just collect one million dollars in donations, in the end was $3,721.949 together.

For a long time, it was unclear whether the new edition of Hero quest would also appear in Germany. But now there is no doubt more: How Hasbro announces in an official communication, the new edition of Hero quest in this country is published in February 2022, as a complete German issue.

Hero quest buy new edition — where is the German version?

The new Hero quest runs our Avalon Hill label and can already be pre-ordered here on Amazon. The price is not fixed yet the US version (appears on 25 December 2021), however, beats $126 to beech. We assume that Hasbro will call for at least 100 euros for the basic game in this country.
Hero quest appeared in 1989 and found many fans with his accessible game system. Source: Hasbro

What did hero quest so cool then?

Hero quest is characterized by an accessible game principle. At that time, it was deliberately directed to a younger audience and opportunity, which did not want to pure a complex role-playing system. The game also hardly prepared, you could get started directly. The new edition is likely to change anything at all: in the main game for 2 to 5 players, you experience a dungeon crawler adventure with a total of 14 levels. With Barbara, dwarf, Lb and magicians are four heroes to choose from, the fifth player takes over the role of the evil header. The game is played on a stable board, on which only gears and spaces are shown. The heroes now explore the vegetable, which is gradually equipped by the game leader with doors, furniture, estimates, falling and monsters. In the box, more than 65 pretty stuck modeled figures and miniatures that are redistributed in every challenge.
Depending on the sight line of the heroes, the header manufactures doors, furniture and opponents on the field. Source: Hasbro on the way the heroes find equipment cards, artifacts and magic, with which they will become stronger over time. But also the enemies are more powerful in the gameplay: In the beginning, only with goblins and zombies is lying around, waiting in later levels orcs, figure or mighty gargoyles on their extractor. It is fought with a simple cube system, which also gets an integral beginner and younger players easily. In addition to the 14 main missions, you can of course also design your own adventures together with graduation and stories.

Hero Quest is Back!

After the success of the main game, the add-ons Kara van, the return of the Witcher, against the ogre hordes or Dorcas magic were also sold in Germany, two more class enhancements were only published in the USA. Whether these add-ons are also reissued at a later date is not known. Probably Hasbro here is waiting for the sales figures.

The new edition of Hero quest is expected to be available from mid-February 2022, the manufacturer recommends the game from 14 years.

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The contents of the new edition of Hero quest. [Source: Hasbro]

Hero quest: Do you still feel like the old board game?

To all children of the 80s: Did you play Hero quest himself? Do you want to gamble the board game classic again with friends or is the part to you today? Write us what you think about the new edition!

Source: Hasbro

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