Interest in LOL rises strongly especially because of 3 figures from Netflix

The Moba Lol is currently relevant as since 2019 not. People are especially interested in 3 figures from the Netflix series Arcane.

Beleaguer of Legends usually goes back the interest at the end of a year. When the Lol Worlds are played, the year in the MOB of Riot Games usually sounds. 2021 is different: The Netflix series Arcanes interested in LOL worldwide. Currently, the worldwide interest in LOL has been at the highest level for 2 years, one has even overtaken Fortnite. Especially on the mysterious character Wander, there is apparently a huge interest worldwide.

The interest in LOL is usually developing:

Normally, LOL reaches its climax in October of a year, it was 2019 and 2020: with the beginning of Lol Worlds, the huge event in League of Legends, the interest is increasing, then remains relatively high for the duration of the World Cup and falls Then steep down.
This is not just because the Worlds themselves are such a big event, but Riot Games uses the World Cup as a kind of fair to present important announcements and changes there. The legendary video K / The — Pop / Stars appeared on YouTube on 3 November 2018.
2021 develops the worldwide interest in LOL slightly different

What is 2021 different? This year there was a small outlier up to the start of the Worlds when the Worlds began. But while the Worlds ran, the interest in LOL worldwide.

Strangely, it attracted it from 31 October to the 6th of November again and has grown again every week. This week, LOL has reached the greatest interest since October 2019 worldwide, so for 2 years.

Worlds 2021 Day 3 Highlights ALL GAMES
A similarly large rash before that came until November 2017. LOL therefore experienced an extremely strong upswing in popularity.

Google Trends shows the interest in a topic and its topics cluster. It serves as a degree knife for the relevance of a topic.

Netflix series extends hype to lol beyond Lol Worlds

What is the? LOL this time has not used the finals of the Worlds as a conclusion of a campaign, but as a springboard for the Netflix series Arcane, whose first episode was shown in the same stream as the final of the Lol Worlds.

If you look at what exactly the people look in the last 30 days, if you find out about LOL, we see that there is great interest in 3 figures from the Netflix series Arcane. Some figures in Arcane have done the fans especially:

People are looking for Wander — thats a figure that does not exist in Lol. There is discussed if that could be a hidden Lol champ
People are looking for Viktor — the exciting transformation in Arcane
The third character, after which is often searched, is powder — because it turns out in the course of the series, which lol-champ hides behind the figure.

Where is the interest in LOL in the last 30 days the highest? in South Korea, the motherland of Lol: There you have about 3 times so much interest in LOL as in China and about 9 times more than with us in Germany.

In South Korea, Lol is a mix of popular sports and national healing. A politician has, for example, proposed to treat fakers like an ambassador to the country and to give him special rights.

This is interested in Germany: Here in Germany we have a special case with LOL. Of course, we are looking for Arcane, Viktor VI and Jinx — but in the last 7 days people in Germany were especially looking for Contract Spandau, the project of Influencer Handofblood.

In addition, the second French league, LFL, and especially the club Corp is now suddenly exciting. There is an important LOL player changes there.

After 3 years, LOL is very close to Fortnite

It makes it particularly noteworthy: Through this jump, LOL is now again in wreath with Fortnite: The online shooter of Epic Games had overhauled LOL in January 2018. After more than 3 years, LOL is now very close to Fortnite worldwide and might overtake it next week.

We have dealt with Mango in detail with the rise of Riot Games:

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