Poles already have 1980 lvl and the moment passes to Tibias history

Non-joints are aimed at 2000 LVL.

We are a tiny step from a bicycle, unbelievable, unprecedented, unbelievable, unusual, extraordinary, absolutely incredible achievement.

Bob eek and Grace, or rather Robert and Pamela won 1980 LVL yesterday and do not join 2000 LVL to enter the history of Tibia once and for all.

Their advantage over TOP3 (Brazilian Commander ) is so huge (50 levels of advantage = 10 billion exp) that some tragedy would have to happen to let our countrymen do not get — as the first people in Tibia — a two-thousand level of experience.

Table of results and torque of 1980 LVL:

If Book and Grace maintain concentration to the very end and do not produce any accidental Zion (yes, even on this level you can die), then 2000 LVL will celebrate for three, maybe four weeks — that is just before Christmas.


Do not be afraid, you will not miss this…

Reminder: Bob eek and Grace are not only a couple in the game, but also in a couple in a life that for five years — virtually every day — together spends time on playing in Tibia.

Our countrymen imposed such a deadly pace of explanation that none of the other Titans (even those Brazilians and Venezuelans from Multi-Owners) can not catch up with Robert and Pamela.

Two years I conducted an interview with Book — to read here.

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