HSV celebrates the Youngster

Saturday ran exactly after the taste of the HSV, which won 4: 1 against Regensburg. Trainer Tim Walter even raised a player.

We have also made many good games in the past few weeks and months, but today we finally rewarded ourselves, the goals have made and deserved absolutely deserves. That the many very young players are so impressively managed today, that makes me proud, and I am glad for our boys, says Sonny Kitten happy on the website of the hamburgers.

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The Midfielmann himself had shown a superior performance: Kitten shot a goal, prepared two hits — and pulled out the penalty that he himself turned himself, which belongs as an assist according to finally rewarded specifications. The words of Coach Walter are not wondering: It was an absolutely closed team performance, in which each individual player has brought his performance. If at all, then you can see Sonny Smith a little out, because he playfully made used, his teammates And once again shown how much he matured and how important he is in this role for the team.

But this Saturday has far more working with the HSV as just a coat. We have shown today from the beginning that we absolutely want to win this game and had a great willingness again, Walter was satisfied. We were very consistent and did not have a problem with the compensation, because the team was totally in it and has also moved away this setback very quickly. In the second half we were further purposeful, we have rewarded us with the gates this time and with it At the end against an opponent who wanted to play, deserves.

Jungs vor dem Stadiontor

Two Youngster with premieres

The 4: 1 against the table-second John Regensburg is quite a statement in the direction of competition. The HSV is back on the top and also celebrates its Youngster. Because with Fa ride Alison and ANSI Shows, two 20-year-olds shot their first goal in the 2nd league. The mood in the stadium was just really cool, you can not say that differently. And we have played really well today, it was really pleased. At all, its great fun, because we have so many young people in the team, Theres fun work in training every day — of course especially when it works on the weekend as it works like today, was pleased to see you.

By victory, the HSV is only three points behind place one and two and two counters behind three. This season there was a defeat in the league for the reds of the Rot hies in the city of St. Pauli on the 3rd match day. Since then, the Walter proteins no longer lost.

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