343 Industries announces changes to increase the progression at the battle pass of Halo Infinite

In two words: Vi-Deojuegos

Through a thread on your Twitter account, John Junyszek, cm of 343 Industries, has announced a series of changes in the progression of the multiplayer of Halo Infinite that will begin to be implemented this same week: «To respond to the criticism of progression in the battle pass we will make specific adjustments in our model at the end of this week», writes Junyszek, «To begin with, we will add the challenge Play 1 game to help make sure That you are constantly progressing in the battle pass playing games of the way you want ».

Halo Infinite's Battle Pass NEEDS To Be Fixed!

The CM explains that to implement this change you will need to restart the progress of all the challenges, including the weekly, and that to compensate the players the study will give all users to initiate between 23 and November 30 a Vigil Mark viewer VII 343 Industries will also bend the duration of experience enhancers and will continue to pend the feedback of the community while working to eliminate bugs and all kinds of errors that dance the experience.

The multiplayer of Halo Infinite was published by surprise on November 15, allowing us to enjoy his first season, Heroes de Reach, in advance: It is the official start of season 1 of Halo Infinite, with all the maps and modes of the Day one activated, as well as the battle pass of the first season, announced at the time. After debuting with a peak of 272,586 concurrent players in Steam, the multiplayer faced a series of criticism from the community due to slow progression through the battle pass. Since the study, they committed from the start to solve it.

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