NVIDIA JENSEN SHENCE CEO Semiconductor industry s top honor Robert N Noyce Award

[Data provided: NVIDIA] AIDIS NESE Award was awarded by the Leaver NESTER SECHNAL SENCE (SIA), the founder and CEO of NVIDIA in the AI Computing Technology. 250,000 in the US

[Data provided: NVIDIA]

NVIDIA’s founder and CEO of NVIDIA, a leader in AI Computing technology, won the 2021 Robert N. Is Award.

In the United States, SIA, which is a meeting of 250,000 workers in the United States, last year, last year, SIA’s annual dinner, which is a meeting of companies, and 200 industry executives, including Indiana and Michigan Governor and 20s top executives,

John Never, president of SIA, CEO, Jensen’s CEO is an icon in the semiconductor industry. Since its starting NVIDIA in the Rental Townhouse in 1993, he said, he was the eighth value of the world’s eighth most successful CEO on the world on the basis of market capitalization today. Jensen Huang CEO said, I think that I think that all employees of NVIDIA have received a prize. This award is the result of the effort of employees, he said.

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Since 1991, Name, which is held annually, was awarded to the technology and business leader that contributed to the Development of the Inventory Circuit Invention, including Jack Kilby, including Jack Kill bi. Two of the mentors of Jensen’s CEO is award winner. The world’s first and largest chip foundry, the founder of TSMC, and former CEO, Morris, won the 2008, and the former president of the Alphabet and the former Stanford University, John Hench, who received a prize in 2018. Jensen Hwang, chairman of the head of Hennessy, has interviewed the President Henri on the event stage.

Jensen Huang is a writer and a New York Times, a new chief senior technical artist, shared his opinion on his story, technology and industry in the stage interview with John Mark Off. Jensen Hwang, who was a high school, the memories of Apple II Computer programming, and the first worker AMD, and then shared the story that started NVIDIA with Chris Malachi and Curtis Prim.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang:  The GTC Keynote in Less Than Five Minutes.

A Million times leap

Jensen Huang shared his vision for accelerated computing using AI in a project such as a supercomputer’s Earth-2, Climate Sciences. He will build the Digital Twin of the Earth and explore the effects of the most outstanding computer scientists on earth to explore and mitigate the effects of climate change, said Nvidia said, he said.

Jensen Huang also expresses optimistic opinions on the innovation culture of Silicon Valley. The concept of Silicon Valley does not have to be geographical. We can deliver this emotion to all over the world, but remember to remember that we do not lose modesty, and serve for others, he said.

Pivotal role in the AI ​​field

This Nice Award is a result of a time of time magazine in 2021, with one of the most influential figures in the 2021. Jensen Huang is one of the 7 people who have named US President Joe Biden, CEO, Singer Billy, with a symbol of symbolic weekly with Singer Billy Isle City.

Adobe, IBM, and Zoom executives, including prominent technical experts attended by prominent technical experts, have illuminated the influence of Jensen’s sulfur and Nvidia in the following images. Andrew, who is a pioneer and entrepreneur of a machine on video, explained the pivotal role in Jensen’s sulfur.

Deep Learning. Ai and Landing AI Founder and CEO, Andrew, In the past decade, many programs of AI did not have the vision leadership of Jensen Huang, and his impact contributed to the semiconductor industry, AI and the world can not be unhappy. He said.

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