Black Friday 3 cheap gadgets that improve your gaming for 15 40 or 90

With Black Friday there is a lot of exciting offers on Amazon again. Our article introduces you several ideas and gadgets.

Black Friday there on Amazon back a lot of exciting offers. Our article presents you several ideas and gadgets before with which to improve their gaming or your can at least ease.

That’s the point: You’re looking for small or large tools for your everyday life when you work, gambles evening or looks better films?

We at Mango introduce you to a number of gadgets that can enhance your gaming. The prices of the gadgets are 15, 40 and 90 euros.

Who wants to spend 15 euros — backlighting for the monitor and TV

For whom is the suitable? Especially if their evening sitting in a dark room, looking at the television or monitor, then this is strenuous in the long run. Your eyes get tired and on the long run that can also take care of headaches and other unpleasant side effects.

With an indirect light source can relieve your eyes and thus preventing small problems in daily life or hobby:

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| Over LED TV backlight, suitable for 46-60 inch TV and PC, controllable via… | 11,188 Reviews | 13.99 EUR | at Amazon

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An alternative would be the way a lamp that can fix it right on the monitor, to provide more light on your desk. Mango editor Benedict Schliemann has so tested a lamp and regards it as the most important purchase for the home office, he has made 2,021st

Who wants to spend 40 euros — Orthopedic Seat Cushion

For whom is the suitable? People who live because of his work or for gaming much at desk happy about relief for hip and buttocks. An ergonomic pillow can you make life easier and can adapt to your buttocks.

Mango editor Benedict Schliemann had tested the ergonomic pillow of Feel home office and was pleasantly surprised. Because the pillow makes the long seats more comfortable and saving for the coccyx prevents unnecessary burden. In addition, the pillow has a washable cover and different degrees of hardness.

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| feel.® orthopedic seat cushion [3 degrees of hardness] — Ergonomic Seat & office chair Co… | 6548 Reviews | 39.90 EUR 31.92 EUR | at Amazon

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Our recommendation does not replace a personal consultation with a physician. Do you have health problems from sitting or work, then you turn away of confidence to your doctor?

Who wants to spend 90 euros — Blue Yeti NATO Condenser Microphone

Who is it useful for? You want to make you independent of a bad microphone, but takes your gaming headset otherwise super comfortable? An alternative is a good Tischmmikrofon here.

A recent recommendation is the Blue Yeti NATO here. The device costs thanks to Black Friday just under 90 euros and offers you a high quality workmanship and a stable stand on your desk. Thanks to extensive software you have many options, how your voice sounds.

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| Blue Microphones Yeti NATO Premium USB condenser microphone with Blue VO CE Vocal effects, Compact…! | 3603 Reviews | 119.99 EUR | at Amazon

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A comprehensive test and some Samples for Yeti NATO can ye the way here with us all on Mango and listen. Here we have taken the Yeti NATO detail under the microscope and explain to you why the Yeti NATO is a great microphone for us if you should get it for under 100 euros:

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