Pok mon Go Cyber week boxes

With Black Friday or Cyberweek in the minds of players unavoidable discounts are linked – Pokémon Go looks different with the Cyber week boxes…

He, it’s a bit funny, as every Hans and Franz tries to jump on keywords like Black Friday or Cyberpunk. Of course, everyone wants to mix, because this discount battle at the end of November of a year is tremendously lucrative. Would I have your own shop, I would mix cheerfully? But I do not have, that’s why I’m on that people click on our Amazon links ^^

Anyway: In the consciousness of the people Black Friday and Cyberpunk are mainly with a linked — discounts. Funny is that the people of Pokémon Go now in the shop the Cyber ​​week — special box, the Cyber ​​week — Hyperbox and the Cyber ​​week — offer adventure box. Without discount.

Someone has to pay for Ed Sheeran

At Reddit, Pokémon Go-Fan H2oskid3 noticed perfectly: Are these boxes not much similar, if not identical to a normal? Who make them something if they call them as Cyber ​​Week Special ?

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An attempt was made… but no very good, is the general reaction of the players.

Some a fan is still trying to dissect the content of the adventure box and notes that the developers of Pokémon Go compared to the previous non-special offer has a rigidity and two egg breeding machines for a smoke — obviously a downgrade.


To blackmail coins, so you believe you had a good deal, although it is even worse than last week. The usual business enthusiasts, commented idiosyncratic bond. And: So basically the same stitch as with any other black-friday crap?, Says another user.

zero effort

It would not be the first time that Pokémon-Go players feel that the people of Ni antic try to extinguish the maximum of profit with the lowest use — you recently remember the drama around Cryptologic that did not even look like a Cryptologic. In this case, this would be described as a minimal design use.

In the case of Cyber ​​week boxes, that’s rather… I can not even say what that is. People expect discounts and not the same price as always. Even if many black-friday offers feel like tasted, because the price of an item in the pricing observation was sometime lower in the course of the year… at least the dealers are still troubled in the case! Ni antic, on the other hand, does not even show the desire to make an attractive offer, but just sticks a different sticker on the usual boxes. And partially evaluates it.

Black Friday and Cyberpunk would offer themselves for discounts, because the chance that players then gain a bit deeper into the wallet in an unbeatable offer is high! And introduce you to what’s going on if the people of Pokémon Go would down the prices for item bags and the expansion of Pokémon storage… because are straight to the Community Days Capacities for both increased!

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