The location in the Europa League

In the Europa League is only a matchday to play in the preliminary round and many decisions have already fallen, but not all. An overview of the location in the groups…

League of Legends (brief: lol or basic League) is a computer video game created by Trouble Gaming, which was released on October 27, 2009, for Windows and macOS. It appeared as free-to-play Mob. The video game was played monthly from regarding 100 million players in 2016.

To the regulations: The group first of each group is directly qualified for the secondary final, while the second in the intermediate round meets the group range of the Champions League. Encounters between clubs of the same national association are excluded. Anyone who finishes the preliminary round in third place of one group also winters in Europe, but must then start in the spring of Europe Conference League. Only the groupies are sure to get out.

In Group A everything is already decided: Olympic Lyon (15 points) has qualified for the secondary finals, the Glasgow Rangers (7) because of the direct comparison with Sparta Prague (4) for the intermediate round. Prague and Brody IF (2) determine third in the direct duel in the Czech capital.

Nike Kovacs and the AS Monaco (11 points) have secured one in Group B place one. In addition to third things, the PSV Eindhoven (8) and Real Societal San Sebastián (6) in direct duel in the Basque Country fight. Excreted Storm Graz (1).

Any great tension offers, however, Group C, where all four teams have chances to progress. Leicester (8 points), Sparta Moscow (7), SSC Naples (7) and Legit Warsaw (6) Just separate two counters. Naples meets Leicester, Legit receives Sparta.

Eintracht Frankfurt (11 points) and Olympiads Piraeus (9) determine on the last match day of Group D in the remote duel space one. The SGE is required by Fenerbahçe (5), the Greeks in Antwerp (2). Freely, Fewer, however, has sure, as it has chosen the direct comparison against Antwerp for itself.

Radio Rome occupies with 8 points in group E place two place, but with a home win against Galatasaray (11) the Turks still displace one of the room. Olympic Marseille (4) and Locomotive Moscow (2), however, say goodbye to the Europa League and fight in direct duel in southern France to third place.

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It will be tricky in group F, where table leaders red star Belgrade (10 points) on the last match day at Sporting Bragg (9) would have come to a victory or a draw. The FC Midtjylland (8) lurks and has the supposedly lighter task at the already excreted Bulgarian Ludogorez Asgard (1).

In group G, the cubes Meanwhile fell: Bayer Leverkusen (13 points) has secured the eighth place ticket due to the direct comparison with Real Bets (10). The Spaniards comfort themselves with the intermediate round, as they can not be obtained from Celtic Glasgow (6), which can ever be set to the Conference League, nor can be obtained from Ferencvaros Budapest (0).

13 points after five match days rich West Ham United in Group H to secure place 1 and thus a place in the round of the last 16. However, the English could still be the coffin on the scales in the race to place two place, welcome to the last match day the table-second Dynamo Zagreb (7). ARC Genk (5) As a third party, a home game against Rapid Vienna (3), which can qualify itself with a threesome for the Conference League.

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