CD Projekt RED The Witcher

The Witcher developer CD project Red wants to stay independent and does not intend to become part of a larger company.

The Alleged Future of CD Projekt Red, Witcher & Cyberpunk
In an interview, the President Adam Kaminski from CD Project Red took whether the Polish studio may be bought by another company that one has no such plans and is not in search of investment or minority interests from other companies.

We have been repeating for years that we want to be independent and do not plan to become part of a larger company, says Kaminski. We are not looking for a strategic investor.

However, Kaminski also said that CD project Red itself will continue to examine opportunities to take over other studios. At the beginning of this year, CD project Digital Escapes acquired and resigned it as a CD project Red Vancouver. In October, the Indie developer was acquired The Molasses Flood.

As part of the strategy update, we have announced increased activities in the M & A area, which we have confirmed in recent months with two transactions, says Kaminski. Both fit perfectly in our development plans — the team in Vancouver has joined CD project Red, while The Molasses Flood is working on a game as part of one of our franchises.

We do not exclude other transactions of this kind in the future, he continued. The aim of our acquisitions is to strengthen development teams and to receive additional support in the implementation of our strategy.

Therefore, in this type of investment, we are interested in experience and competencies and attach great importance to whether a particular team fits into the culture of our group.

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