Lionel Messi about PSG

Lionel Messi in another jersey than that of Barça – he had to get used to it. This is the Argentinian, who chatted in the Marca from the sewing box, has succeeded.

In La Liga, Lionel Messi also clears titles when he did not play there anymore. When the 34-year-old picked up his eighth Pi chichi at the March, the award for the Spanish Goal Scorer, he gave the Spanish newspaper a detailed interview. Messi talked about…

… the habituation of his new club, Paris Saint-Germain:

Meanwhile, I’m fine, we have adapted to Paris and all connected with it. Our children learn French faster than my wife and me. Within the team there is a big cohesion, but you have already noticed that before.

… PSG as the biggest favorites on the Champions League victory:

I do not want to deny that we are among the big favorites. But to be really strong, we have to become a team even more. We are still missing us.

… clubs who he still has on the note:

Liverpool is again strong, also Manchester City or Bavaria. Real Madrid and Atlético must always be on the bill, because Spanish clubs have always delivered in the Europapokal.

… his ex-club Barça, whom he has not enumerated:

You are currently not so good, are in a phase of reconstruction. That’s a young team. But she will fight and win again.

… his former teammate Xavi, who has taken over in Barcelona as a coach:

The players will have great respect for him. He will teach her and let the team grow, I have no doubt. We are joy and often talk to each other.

I have always said that I will return to Barcelona.

Lionel Messi

… the retrieval campaign of the 38-year-old Dani Alves:

His return has been very surprised, but I think he can be a good supplement. As Xavi, he can convey a lot to the young players because he was very successful. He will contribute much just off the place.

… a possible own return to Barcelona, ​​the FCB President Joan Lakota presented in view:

I always said that I will return to Barcelona because it’s my home, and I’ll live there. If I can help the club by contributing, I would like to come back.

… his big rivals Cristiano Ronaldo and his return to Manchester United:

Cristiano has impressively adapted and shoots goals as always. But in the Premier League, it is harder than expected because that is a very difficult competition with many turns.

Why hasn’t Lionel Messi adapted to life at PSG? | Extra Time | ESPN FC

Already ten years ago: Messi and CR7 before the championship decision Classic of the season 2011/12. Getty Images

… the direct duels with the Portuguese:

Oh, that’s been a long time ago. It was a very nice time for us and for the people who enjoyed that. It will remain a nice memory in the history of football.

… another earlier adversary, Sergio Ramos, who is now his teammate in Paris:

It was strangely strange with him, after so many years in which we were the captains of Barça and Real; After so many Classics. But we already knew us a little and had always respected us very much. Having him now as a teammate is spectacular. He is a great person.

He speaks perfect Spanish.

Messi about the Dylan Mbappé flirting with Real Madrid

… his storm colleagues Dylan Mbappé, who continues to be associated with a change to Real Madrid, and his language skills:

I honestly do not know if he will change, but I’m glad he stayed here. He is a very important player. He speaks perfect Spanish.

… his year in the Argentine national team with the Copa América title and the World Cup qualifier:

I could achieve one of my great goals that I had just missed several times. The World Cup qualifier has rounded off this great year. And now I want more. The dream of the World Cup title is always there.

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