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PCGH has undergone Battlefield 2042 a technical test and Santi presents the results in the video. We test the new DICE shooter with 22 gpus without raytracing, 14 gpus with raytracing as well as nine CPUs with and without raytracing. Which graphics card

Battlefield 2142 is a 2006 first-person shooter computer game established by DICE and released by Electronic Arts. It is the fourth video game in the Battlefield series. Battlefield 2142 is established in 2142, showing a battle called The Cold Battle of the 22nd Century, in which 2 military superpowers– the European Union (EU) as well as Pan Asian Union (POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE)– fight for the remaining unfrozen land during a new ice age. The video game was designed largely for multiplayer gameplay as well as allows for a maximum of 64 players on a server or a maximum of 16 gamers in single player mode versus crawlers on Occupation mode. It has its own ranking system to monitor the customer’s stats comparable to the one used in its predecessor, Battlefield 2. It opens up new groups of lorries as well as tools not seen in Battlefield 2. Battlefield 2142 has an unlock system that enables the player to select a new unlock every time they attain a new ranking instead of forcing the player to buy things. A booster pack called Northern Strike consists of brand-new maps, unlocks, and also cars; a luxurious version was launched that consists of Battlefield 2142 and Northern Strike.
In July 2014, all on the internet components of the game were shut off adhering to the shutdown of Games. The game’s online multiplayer was restored by the Job Revitalize community in 2016. Nonetheless, the project was shut down in 2017 adhering to a legal notice from Electronic Arts. The game’s online multiplayer is presently just usable with the neighborhood 2142 Improvement Tasks formed after the shutdown of Project Revive.

What Battlefield 20042 offers on paper, basically very promising. The sprawling maps, the different driving and aircraft, even the controversial specialists or their skills offer a variety of approaches, as their situations can tackle. In practice, however, Battlefield 2042 is still very outrageous.

As always, we offer the results in the four widespread resolutions Full HD, WHO, UHD and Ultra HD.

The GPU load in the test sequence is above average, so that applies to the vast majority of PUGH benchmarks: reaches a graphics card here liquid frame rates, it is well-prepared for the rest of the game. Already Battlefield 5 harmonizes very well with Radon graphics cards of the RX-6000 series and Battlefield 2042 (Buy Now €54.99) continues the good cooperation — that a Radon RX 6800 AT passes to Nvidia’s Pearlize GeForce RTX 3090 has rarity. As usual, the Ampere GPUs (RTX 30) with increasing soil is good, the Radon RX 6900 AT LC remains unbeaten until including Ultra HD.

Retracing Ambient Occlusion costs at least 20 percent — even in Full HD, because the ray tracing also burdens the processor with high basic costs. Normally, the frostbite engine is for exemplary core utilization. We mean that seriously, with Battlefield 5 even more 32 threads are transformed into better performance. Apparently you have taken a different way at 2042, because from 8 cores and 16 threads is over. An AMD Ryzen 9 5900x can only deposit from a now obsolete Intel Core i9-9900K only by 17 percent.

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