SCM continues in Europe even in Europe

The SC Magdeburg currently runs not only in the Bundesliga, even in the European Cup, the HBL leader form strong, celebrated the third victory in the fourth game on Tuesday. The foxes Berlin and Lemgo Lippe were also allowed to cheer.

Keynote address by Mairead McGuinness, European Commissioner at the first European Retirement Week

Magdeburg sat down after a hard fight with 33:31 (16:15) against the Spanish Top Team BM Logroño La Rioja. Omar Inge Mansion and Michael Damaged were with seven gates of the SCM’s best passers of the SCM, who did not gone the only time in this season in the Spaniards (29:29) in this season. Foxes are shameless Cheers were also allowed the Fuchs Berlin, which kept hilarious. The Berliners landed a safe 35:29 (17:11) victory against Path Winterthur from Switzerland and thus sovereign Table leaders of the group A. Lego takes course about-round finals On the eighth final course is also the TV Lego Lipped. The team of coach Florian Hermann left the still-free Russian record champion Moved Chekhov at 30:27 (16:16 off) and celebrated the fourth victory. Outside Lukas Were was with ten hits of the best thrower of the German Cup winner.

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