Check the Ultimate Edition PS5 and Xbox Series X Upgrade Accidentally Free for Deluxe Owners

The upgrade of Control Ultimate Edition has been accidentally free for a short time on the PlayStation Store for the owners of the

PlayStation 5 en Xbox Series X komen eraan: zo gaan ze gamen veranderen
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The upgrade of Control Ultimate Edition has been accidentally free for a short time on the PlayStation Store for the Owners of the Deluxe Edition.

Editor 505 Games had already mentioned it was not going to be technically possible to get there but, as shown by this error, the paywall is set up only to push the players to buy the new Got edition of the Action Adventure Remedy.

Each avenue we followed, there was a form of blocker and these blockers meant that at least one group of players ended up being excluded from the upgrade for various reasons, said the publisher there is just a few weeks.

From today, we can not offer upgrading everyone, and leave a side group is unfair. We understand that this is not what you want to hear. »

The ultimate edition is currently the only way for players to switch to versions specifically developed for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Regular check owners, even after buying the Deluxe edition (including the Season Paying Pass), will have to buy the game again to access this upgrade, otherwise they will only be able to play in the new consoles. Generation via retrocompatibility, without specific update.

It is worth added that the Ultimate edition has the same content as the Deluxe edition that has been sold so far, with the only addition of this new generation upgrade.

The publisher’s decision clearly disappointed fans of this limitation after supporting the work of Remedy for so long.

However, it does not seem that it changes its mind because the Paywall of the Ultimate Edition version was quickly brought back to the PlayStation Store.

Control has just published the first Crossover event in Remedy Connected Universe, presented in the AWE extension, with strong references Alan Wake.

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