De facto ghostspiel Hansa practices criticism and set signs

Due to a renewed tightening of corona measures, Hansa Rostock against Ingolstadt will be able to play only 1000 spectators. There are sharp criticism of the Rostockers – who want to do something good at the same time.

Robert Marine, Chief Executive Officer of the FC Hans Rostock, found significant words: Grueslike, he said the NDR 1 Radio MV, had been communication with political decision-makers in recent days. First, the Hofstadter planned against Ingolstadt with 7250 visitors, now only 1000 places of the Baltic Sea Stadium may be occupied.

Measures Disguise Absolutely incomprehensible

Absolutely incomprehensible is this for Mary, who knew that We as an Association of Social Responsibility, but would have liked more constancy and transparency: Why is the state ordinance, the agreed guidelines will now be changed again? And Why aren’t we informed in advance?

Stefanie Dress, Sports and Health Minister in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, could certainly understand this displeasure, but were the pictures of the full football stadium on the last weekend of Destroy. We are in the middle of the pandemic, the intensive beds are utilized. We have to limit contacts strongly, explains the decision of the state leadership, and supplements: Of course, this also applies in professional football.

Ticket assignment as a sign of solidarity

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Accordingly, there are for Hans at the de facto ghost game, as the CEO of the club of the Baltic Sea since 2016 names nothing to shake. However, the club now wants to use this to set a sign of solidarity. As the Reinstate announced on Wednesday, you will not find a fair way with 12,000 season tickets sold to bring the available quota under the trailer. Therefore, they have decided to distribute the 1000 places available to us at people in need and socially weak, but also to occupational groups, which just have to shoulders in the crisis, says Marine.

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