For Honor will premiere your next season very soon Know the frozen shores

December will be full of content and many rewards, and the game will receive your next hero in January. For Honor will close 2021, as its season 4 of the year 5, frozen shores, will be available from…

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For Honor: Frozen Shores Story Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]
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For Honor will close 2021, because its season 4 of the year 5, icy banks, will be available from December 9. From this day and until December 30, the community may participate in a special event, called Frost wind Celebrations. Through a free battle pass, players will be able to get several rewards, such as gestures, outfits, and ornaments.

The next Herro of For Honor will arrive on January 27 If you prefer to take an extra step, a premium content pass also will be available, which you can get for 10 dollars (approximately 8.84 euros). In addition to the already mentioned rewards, you will get new battle costumes, ornaments, executions, podiums and effects.

In addition to the rewards, the new season will add improvements to the Shinobi, this after Fields of Testing that enjoyed the community during last season. Another phase of battlefields will arrive at December 30, and will be available until January 6. This time, the approach will be in the domain and conqueror game modes.

Finally, next January 27, Title 2 update will bring a new hero to honor, as well as rewards and new experiences available for limited time. They will return the covenant games, where you can play the Carousel mode of Works, and of course, get some gifts in the process, such as battle suits and ornaments. It will also return the riposte of the prior black, and also, it will come with some collectible objects.

After several years, Ubisoft continues to take care of the faithful community enjoyed for Honor. The study recently received the design expect from Battlefield 2042, Nazi Mesmer, who will work as Vice President Editorial and will share the creative vision of it with the production teams.

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