Fortnite Battle Pass of Chapter 3 Season 1 All skins and content

We from Meinmmo have summarized the new Battle Pass of Chapter 3 Season 1. Here are all skins and items.

A new Battle Pass with Season 1 — published Chapter 3 Fortnite. Here you can find all the skins, emotes that get you in the new Battle Pass, harvesting tools and other content can.

This is starting in Season 1: The invasion of the dice Queen came to a tragic end in the live event, when she suddenly disappeared with their henchmen. By their actions, the island was turned over and are now players Blazed on a new map.

If you want to see the patch notes of the new third chapters, here we have summarized the most important for you:

Fortnite: Patch Notes for Chapter 3 Season 1 — All new content

structure of the Battle Pass: As usual costs of Battle Pass 950 V-Bucks. The passport of the new Season 1 of Chapter 3 is the same system have, as in Season 8 before. So you have the opportunity to unlock your rewards with stars.

Can I immediately grab the last of the Battle Skin Pass? So fast you can not. First, you would have the previous pages all unlock. Because many rewards build their style or their subject often to the previous reward.

The following pages are then obtained either by unlocking rewards or by level rises.

For Page 2 you have to redeem rewards as 4 or reach level 10th
Page 3 calls for 10 rewards or level 20th
For page 4 do you need 17 or rewards Level 30th

That runs through to page the 10th You can watch also the trailer for Battle Pass, which we have summarized for you:

All rewards of Battle Pass in Season 8

Is not there a secret finally Skin? This time, the extra skin in Battle Pass is the foundation.

This skin is likely to get additional styles and items that you can unlock in the course of the week.

All contents in the Battle of Season Pass 1

This overview shows you all the items that you can play freely pass in the new Battle.

Battle Pass — Page 1

Requirements: With Battle pass from the outset available


Santa — first skin
Loading screen Robin’s Revenge (3 stars)
Spray motif Chanteys life Bloom (3 stars)
Back accessory flower of the ancestors (5 stars)
100 V-Bucks (5 Stars)
Skin Robin (9 stars)
Banner symbol (2 stars)
Hang Glider Enchanted Life Blossom (6 stars)
Crop tool bronze scimitar (7 stars)
Contrails Mehdi (4 stars)

Battle Pass — Page 2

Requirements: 4 rewards or level 10 unlock


Skin style Robin Azure (8 stars)
Loading screen Chanteys history (3 stars)
Spray motif Robin’s mission (3 stars)
Back accessory Blood Red Crescent (5 stars)
100 V-Bucks (5 Stars)
100 V-Bucks (5 Stars)
Emote moon power (7 stars)
Hang Glider Crescent gliders (6 stars)
Crop tool sword of Crescent (7 stars)
Painting Lotus paint (4 stars)

Battle Pass — Page 3

Requirements: unlocked 10 rewards or Level 20


Skin LT. John Lama (9 stars)
Loading screen Hittites battle (3 stars)
Painting Crescent (4 stars)
Back accessory Lama meal (5 stars)
100 V-Bucks (5 Stars)
Skin style Santa flower of the ancestors (cloak) (4 stars)
Emoticon Robin’s Flame (3 stars)
Banner symbol (2 stars)
Emote Monster Truck Junior (7 stars)
Contrails Flaming Crescent (4 stars)

Battle Pass — Page 4

Requirements: unlocked 17 rewards or Level 30


Skin LT style. John Lama special command (8 stars)
Loading screen exploring (3 stars)
Spray design Lama grip! (3 stars)
Emote Lovely Art (7 stars)
100 V-Bucks (5 Stars)
100 V-Bucks (5 Stars)
Emoticon Battle Ready (3 stars)
Hang Glider Hairy monster (6 stars)
Crop tool laminator (7 stars)
Painting Lamackierung (4 stars)

Battle Pass — page 5

Requirements: unlocked 25 rewards or Level 40


Skin style Robin (vest) (8 stars)
Banner symbol (2 stars)
Loading screen treetop Haven (3 stars)
Back accessory Animal T rest (5 stars)
100 V-Bucks (5 Stars)
Painting Nomadenschätze (4 stars)
Spray motif Havens Mask (3 stars)
Skin Haven (9 stars)
Crop tool wilderness peer (7 stars)
Music Havens Opus (5 stars)

Battle Pass — page 6

Requirements: unlocked 35 rewards or Level 50


Skin style Haven (Flip cap) (4 stars)
Loading screen always ice-cold (3 stars)
Spray theme Equal Pops’s (3 stars)
100 V-Bucks (5 Stars)
100 V-Bucks (5 Stars)
Emote Musharraf (7 stars)
Skin gum guy (9 stars)
Crop tool Haugummi (7 stars)
Back accessory rubber bag (5 stars)
Contrails slimy (4 stars)

Battle Pass — page 7

Requirements: unlocked 47 rewards or Level 60


Skin style gum guy (bitter) (8 stars)
Banner symbol (2 stars)
Loading screen Apocalypse (3 stars)
Spray motif hard eye (3 stars)
Emoticon chewing gum blob (3 stars)
100 V-Bucks (5 Stars)
Painting Sweet worry (4 stars)
Integrated emote gum guy Sweet brain food (7 stars)
Music chewing gum Beat (5 stars)
Hang Glider Gum Ball (6 stars)

Battle Pass — page 8

Requirements: 60 rewards or Level 70 unlocked


Skin Harlow (9 stars)
Hang Glider Wyvern X77 (6 stars)
Loading screen Harlow es target practice (3 stars)
Back accessory Dashing rucksack (5 stars)
100 V-Bucks (5 Stars)
100 V-Bucks (5 Stars)

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Foundation Secret Battlepass Skin Showcase -  Chapter 3 Season 1 Skins
Skin style Robin (cloak / Helmet) (8 stars)
Emoticon Horned Heart (3 stars)
Contrails sky wheels (4 stars)
Crop tool tip thugs (7 stars)

Battle Pass — Page 9

Requirements: unlocked 74 rewards or Level 80


Skin style Harlow (motorcycle jacket) (8 stars)
Loading screen view by far (3 stars)
Banner symbol (2 stars)
100 V-Bucks (5 Stars)
Back accessory Web Swinger backpack (5 stars)
Contrails cobwebs (4 stars)
Emoticon This, This! (3 stars)
Skin Spider-Man (9 stars)
Music border crossing (5 stars)
Emote Is that you? (7 stars)

Battle Pass — page 10

Requirements: unlocked 89 rewards or Level 90


Skin style Spider-Man (Symbiontenanzug) (8 stars)
Painting Web Swinger (4 stars)
Loading screen net income (3 stars)
Spray motif Everything a spider can (3 stars)
100 V-Bucks (5 Stars)
100 V-Bucks (5 Stars)
Emoticon My spider sense strikes! (3 stars)
Crop tool Hearty network Hammer (7 stars)
Hang Glider network parachute (6 stars)
Integrated emote Spider-Man Just hanging out (7 stars)

In addition to the Battle passport pages there will be back bonus rewards that you can unlock at higher levels. The Battle Pass, providing a lot of new content that there is to earn.

Well, what do you think of the new passport? Can you find these skins and styles original or is this season not for you there? Let us know.

If you want to know how the live event proceeded from Chapter 2, you learn everything you need to Mango.

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