Logs breaks the spell thanks to ascentheld

With its Bundesliga premier torque to the 1: 1 final score against Cologne, Bryan was laser, with the result less. At the moment of the triumph, the Frenchman did not forgot a Bielefeld de-energist.

After the final whistle it could have done for him immediately. I’m very happy and think of the next week, where I want to meet again, Bryan told Laymen after the 1-1 against the 1st FC Cologne and immediately steered the view of the now upcoming away game at Bertha BSC to the Bielefeld immediately Total situation: We need three points.

Cheers with ascent held

【每日一题】343. Integer Break, 11/16/2019

After the goal, which he had achieved only 120 seconds after his comprehension in the 59th minute to the deserved compensation, the Frenchman SchnurStracks ran towards coach bank. Explanation of the 23-year-old: I worked very hard and a lot with Sebastian Hill. That’s why I cheered with him. This gate was for him. Today’s co-trainer, now 41 years old, is a deed urge door of the Ostwestfalen, at the latest since he once met on May 11, 2013, on the penultimate match day of the 3rd league to the 1-0 victory against the worst pursuers and neighbors VFL Osnabrück and Armenia’s premature recurring secured.

Apparently, Lame against Cologne made everything right in his first scene after the guidance of his teacher. I got the pass of Malaya Tokugawa, attention to the movement of the goalkeeper and then completed directly, says that of second division FC Social to Armenia replenished Frenchman.

Laser breaks the spell of the striker

We are doing so many additional layers. Sebastian is on the road with the storms, ​​said Chef Trainer Frank Kramer, that the extra units was now at least one of his zero-gore striker first fruits (Florian Kruger, Janna Serra and also Offensively Robin Hack Continue on the breakthrough). Bryan is one who also demands that and after training the most for two hours working on his degrees.

Work, work, work

Legume itself, meanwhile, announces more gates with new confidence. Sure. So I’m not in the end yet. Optimism is unbroken. We have a good man piece. I think we can stay in the league when we stand together and work on the court. That his example does school and join the colleagues in the squad is another hope. Working, Working, Working. Doing Goals in Training — This is true for me and for all other strikers. And then we also have to exploit the chances in the game.

Congratulations, Meanwhile, was also of secondary man Fabian Los, who had read the hearing in the past in the past one or the other sometimes vehemently. We have fun, everything is good and there are no problems. We are like a family, says Lame today and emphasizes that Los, further angry urban of the Bielefeld, have acted completely appropriately at the time. FBI is a big figure in this club and for many years here. I can learn from him, he’s like a captain and has the right, it’s good for us.

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