Development start Large view LOL RPG Australian Trade Religis Celebrating from employees Official service start

2021.12.08 IYAGAMES Delivered by IYAGAMES Land LOL RPG Australian Shareholding-Relief from the Entrance of Australia, service started from today.

GAMES Delivered by GAME LOL LPG Australian Shareholding-Australian Trade-Agriculture from Users, service started from today.

GAMES Delivered by GAMES LOL LPG Australian Shareholding-Australian Trade—————–

As the number of pre-registrants has brought over 500,000, it is distributed to all five pre-registration bonus (500,000 people achieved) according to the character level (level 2 to Level 6).

Do RIOT EMPLOYEES Play League of Legends?

How to quickly clear the commerce and acquire an industry

Everyone, don’t you know how to do it when you start the game?

As well as management, I think there are people who do not know the way.

But it’s okay! The inn of the inn will lead. First, let’s clear the commerce and select Industry that you want to acquire.

Cautions of how to choose are here.

Be careful of the Ben’s Consumption below the person when you capture the game story.

The higher the principal of the bar, the lower the borne consumption to negotiate.

Similarly, the lower the principles of the bar, the higher the borne consumption to negotiate, so be careful not to consume everybody.

Given a tool to the gate, you can increase the power.

Also, the more the gate, the higher the power. If you raise the level before negotiation, you will reduce the number of monetary consumption you need at the time of trade negotiations.

You can recruit more serviced by the Calls produced by each industry.

At the first stage, you can repay the cost by putting a certain amount of time.

Also, in order to obtain a merchant who earn more resources, we recommend that you use the opportunity such as a commerce and a pinion as soon as possible.

Take advantage of the merchant’s merit and grasp the commercial aircraft!

Introduction of Medium

Consume your physical strength and dispatch a gun and join a full-flies! You can earn PT by erasing the cuisine of the banquet. Get a rich reward!

In full-fly, there is a fountain fingering and a grand wait seat, and when the banquet is finished, you can earn event PT, tools and views.

If you replace the position of the next cooking, you can erase the food if you match the same cuisine (horizontal, vertical), you can earn PT.

You can earn the event PT each time you turn off the cuisine. At the end of the banquet, the higher the PT, the higher the evaluation score.

PT can be replaced with tools at PT shops and recorded in the ranking table. After the event is complete, the PT ranks will receive a corresponding reward.

The banquet evaluation is divided into the five stages of SSS, SS, S, A, B.

At the end of the banquet, the higher the evaluation, the more viewing and tools that can be acquired.

▼ About the Australian Trade-Agra-From Users
Title: Australian Chamiden-Collection from employees

Genre: RPG
Supported OS: iOS / Android
Price: Basic Free (item charge system)
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