ARC Raiders to kooperacyjny shooter Free to

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It took these free-to-plays today, right? Arc Raiders will join the group of free games in 2022. ARC Raiders is a new, co-operative shooter from the Embark Studios team. This is also their debut production, so we can expect literally everything.

Meet ARC RAIDERS - Everything We Know About The New Space Shooter From Embark Studios

The ARC Raiders itself will take us to the world after the apocalypse, where bad machines fall from heaven and want to get rid of us. That is why we will have to show them that they do not do with people. We will receive various characters available, and each of them will have dedicated skills and a separate role on the battlefield. There will be no diversified weapons, and the game itself is enormous emphasis on cooperation. Proof? A great gun will require service for two people!

Also, of course, also find a lot of attractions in Arc Raiders, but the creators from the beginning emphasize the cooperative character of fun. Production will offer a view from the perspective of a third person (TPP), Grappling-Hook, some crafting and a few other varieties. Details, unfortunately we do not know yet.

Arc Raiders will debut on the PC on Steam and Epic Games Store. The title will also be available under NVIDIA GeForce Now, as well as on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S. when? In 2022.

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