Halo Infinite How to beat Chak Lok Boss Fight

In this guide we will explain how to beat Chak’lok, an enemy who enjoys active camouflage and wields a power sword that you will find at the top of

In this guide we will explain How to beat Chalk’OK, an enemy who enjoys active camouflage and wields a sword of energy that you will find at the top of La Tore, the third campaign mission of infinite halo

Defeat Chalk ‘OK in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Chak Lok boss fight - How to beat Chak Lok
The main key to beat Chalk ‘OK is to use the threat sensor of it. This equipment reveals the location of any threat near the sensor. This is especially useful for the boss’s fight Chalk ‘OK Halo Infinite, since he will use active camouflage and a power sword to approach stealthily and knock you down with a few blows from his sword.

The next thing you want to do is exhaust your shields. These are the most complicated parts, especially if you play heroic or legendary. The best way to exhaust shields is to use plasma grenades or other plasma or shock weapons.

Fortunately, these can be found on racks around the outer circle of this Arena in which you are fighting. Continue supplying plasma pomegranates, use the threat sensor to reveal the location of Chalk ‘OK, then paste it with the explosives. Then he lands on him with the pulse rifle or the shock rifle to quickly exhaust his shields. You can also use the fusion coils spread over the area to eliminate large pieces of your shield levels.

After that, you can change to the kinetic weapon of it to quickly take care of your health. Use the BR and point to the head, while spent grenades constantly at the feet of Chalk ‘OK. If you try to approach too running towards you, run quickly to escape or change the gripping equipment to quickly out of the way.

That’s all you need to know How to beat Chalk ‘OK Boss Fight in Halo Infinite. To get more tips, tricks and guides, go to our wiki or consult more information about the game below.

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