LOL The numbers of the ShowMatch between Koi and Kcorp blush to LEC and LCS

Read in Millenium: The numbers that has harvested the first game of Koi’s story, the team created by Ibai Llanos and Piqué, put on evidence to the numbers that have been seen along the past season of LEC and LCS, Overcoming to East

The arrival of KOI to the national esports has been a whole earthquake in Spain, although it seems that this fury has reached different parts of the world. The presentation of the team founded by the streamer IAI Llanos and the FC Barcelona Gerard Piqué footballer has caused a huge stir in all areas, reaching dream numbers in his first departure of League of Legends in history. Themselves have been so great LEC and LCS.

Thanks to the data granted by the ESPORTCHARTS page as we have been able to collect this interesting information that the Stomach has left yesterday between KOI and Corp. The average viewers in this confrontation was 417,514 people ; An unusual and historical number for the European competitive at ERA level. Something that is that Regularity, which means that most of these people have not only wanted to take a look but have been interested in the best of five and the show in general.

KCORP vs. KOI SHOWMATCH | GAME 1 With Chat reaction
For you to make an idea, these numbers far outweigh the views in the LCS throughout the last year, reaching a maximum peak of 364.328 spectators in the final that faced Team Liquid with 100 Thieves. If we compare it with LEC, the peak of Viewers is taken by the Riot Games league, but have been only two games (FNC vs G2 and FNC vs Mad) those who have surpassed in the peak Of Spectators Al Show match Between KOI and Corp. This is how IAI and CAMEO have shown that they are not worse and that they can face numbers to the biggest clubs today. It will be necessary to see if this trend continues with Valorant and Superior, but we augured a great future in the purple club that arrived over high.

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