The document we needed All 421 JRPG of PSX in a video of 2 and a half hours

Read in Millenium: A great piece of history of video games in the form of YouTube video is what we bring you today. Just a few seconds from each of these titles serve to excite any player of that time.

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Few consoles and few genres had such a powerful union as PSX and J-RPG. The Japanese role experienced an authentic explosion in the first of the PlayStation by combining its great success in the Japanese country, with the huge amount of barriers broken out of it by sagas completely totemic as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.

Those who exceed twenty, we remember spending afternoons and afternoons with these great sagas, but also with other titles of the genre as Wild Arms, Suicide or vagrant Story. A moment of special strength of Japanese development, which found the concrete way of joining shooting styles disparate with a new way of telling stories.

Complete List of All PS1 J RPGs Ever Made - 421 RPG !

The YouTube user rotkappchen has published on the channel of it what he considers that it is a complete compilation of all J-RPG launched for PSX. The sum of total games reaches nothing more and nothing less than 421.

A cover, name in English, name in Japanese, developer and launch is all that is told on the left side of the screen, while in the right area we can see a few seconds of play. All the titles are ordered by their release date, allowing us to see the evolution from the Dungeon Crawl inherited from PC and the Strategy for Cadillac, the Glitter of the Shifts.

Through the almost 3 hours of video appear a multitude of jewels that did not reach the West, since in fact the vast majority managed to leave Japan. By pointing out some especially interesting, we see the first works of from software: King’s Field. Thanks to this video, we are talking about an incredible amount of jewelry that, although they have not survived too well at the time, marked a whole generation of players in PSX. Impossible that you do not fall any like another tear to see it.

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