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Back scratches or lucky charm Ski jump near Beijing

From above she looks like a spaceship, from the side like a lucky of the imperial time. For Olympia in Beijing a special ski jump was built.

Who jumps down there on skis, must be pretty courageous. This ski jump is 164 meters long and 130 meters high. It was built extra for the Winter Olympics in Beijing. Beijing is the capital of the huge country China in Asia. The hill is around 180 kilometers outside Beijing in a popular ski area.

The ski jump looks a bit curio. At the top of your silver tower is a round viewing platform. From the air, this looks like a spaceship. After their long jump, the ski jumpers and ski jumpers land below and brakes in an outlet zone. It can even be used as a football stadium in summer.

curved like a scepter

The ski jump has two differently long tracks and is almost as a swung. The form should remember a Chinese scepter. That looks like a curved rod and is called Run in Chinese. Translated means that as much as: The desire should come true. It is a lucky charm from a time in China, as an Emperor ruled there.

JO d'hiver de Beijing : le Centre national de ski alpin et le Centre de glisse

Such a scepter with ornaments at both ends and in the middle should bring happiness. It was happy to give away in ancient China. In the imperial period, scholars and noblemen liked to make such an object elegant in their hands when they talked to each other.

If you have luck, you jump to the big wall

Finally, such a stick was originally invented as back scratches. Thus, people in China have scratched themselves at the back, where they did not stick by hand. Later he was decorated and only used as a piece of luck and lucky charm.

The shape of the Run jump hillside thus combines the past with the present. This unusual hill should bring the ski jumpers and ski jumpers luck. The landscape is intended to spur the athletes and athletes, to jump very far.

From the ski jump you can look into a valley and see several hills in the distance. Gestures of the famous Great Wall are leaning on them. The Chinese builder of the hill want to give the jumpers and jumpers as an encouragement with the flight: If you have luck, you jump to the Great Wall. Because ski jumping is a lot of gravity. Already because of the big height and the widespread jump.

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