Sega officially leaves the business of Arcade Rooms

Although the arcades market is no longer as popular in the West as it was in the last century, in Japan the story was different for decades. Even with the 21st century already underway, the traditional experience of the machines was preserved in the country of the rising sun for years. However, this has been changing for some time. This has recently revealed Queen has been withdrawn from the Arcades market.

Yacht Club Presents Announced & SEGA Exits Japan's Arcade Business - Today's News Tonight (1/28/22)
In 2020, Sega sold him 85% of the actions of his Arcades to Agenda Inc, a Japanese company that operates this type of locations under the GIGO logo. In this way, after 56 years in this business, Sega Sammy has sold him the other 15% of these locations to Agenda , thus culminating a chapter in the company’s history behind Sonic.

Sega began with the Arcades business in 1966, and estimates that for 1990 there were more than one thousand of these recreational rooms. However, as consoles and PCs have become more and more prominent in Japan, This market has gone in decline for years . Afterwards, the arrival of the pandemic two years ago gave him a strong blow to this type of business, one of which Sega did not recover.

Although Sega no longer has arcades, The company will continue to create this type of recreational machines, it is only that you will now sell them to various companies . Now the only way we will have to visit the famous Arcade Salas in Sega, will be through Yakuza’s games.

On related topics, Sega and Microsoft have a strategic alliance focused on cloud technology. Similarly, this company will be able to leave the NFT market, but only under a condition.

Editor’s note:

It is a pity that something so iconic from Japan, like the Red Arcades of Sega, finally came to an end. While the pandemic is partly responsible for this event, you do not have to forget that the consoles and PC offer almost all the experiences that a machine of this type can count.

Bang Jun-hyuk “Netmarbles new challenge is a block chain, metabase”

Net marble held a fifth NTP in four years in the Guitar Heads on January 27, January 27.

In this day, the event, including the Chairman Bang Jun-hyuk, each of the Won Youngkin, the Diego Took, Self-assigned stakeholders, Vice President, and the CTO, and the executive, and Net marble Net Mao Park, Representative of Ann Park Won Minoan, Net marble Monster Kim, Gun, and the representatives of developer companies such as Notable F & Sea Seem won representative attended.

Last 2018, Bang Jun-hyuk, who is a single-phase in four years after NTP, was the subject of ‘Net marble’s business and new challenge’ on the subject of the event, and as a speech session, I revealed a new business blueprint.

◆ Won Youngest representative ‘Change in powerful self-IP secure company’ Examination

Won Youngest Net marble Representative

The Won Youngest, who was in charge of the opening of the event, has achieved a change of net marble, which is four years after NTP, and the future of change to a strong IP securing company.

“For four years from 2018 to 2021, Net marble launched 21 new Barton in Korea and global and announced 20 new major development lineups through today’s events,” heel.

“The own IP tribe, which was often referred to as Net marble weaknesses,” said Net marble, “there was a birth limit called the company that Net marble began in the publisher,” he said, Changes in a powerful IP retail company will be actively promoting. “

In addition to its own IP games in which notable development subsidiaries are preparing, Net marble develop subsidiaries, Net marble also includes plans to grow with Web novel, Webtoon, and content producers.

◆ Platform area expanded Main development new lineup 20 species… Self and joint development IP 15 kinds + external IP 5 kinds

Seven developers representatives, followed by Won Youngest’s keynote speech, announced the representative development lineups in which each company is being developed.

Net marble first introduced 20 kinds of multi-platform games currently being developed, including 15 kinds of IP games, including 15 kinds of IP games, and five external IP games.

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▲ Notable Noble ” Throne’s Game ‘,’ BTS Dream: Tianna House ‘,’ I alone Level Up ‘, ▲ Netmarbonymsus’ Seven Knights Revolution ‘▲’ Seven Knights Revolution ‘▲ Euro’s Games’ ‘Mugged King JA Island’, ‘Marvel of All: Merle: Meta World’, ‘Squad Battle’, ‘New World’, ‘New World’, ‘RF Project’, ▲ Net marble Park ‘Net marble Pro Baseball 2022’ ▲ Net marble Monster ‘Raven : Arranging ‘,’ Monster Gil 2 ‘▲ Net marble F & A’ Seven Ridiculous Origin ‘,’ Pascal Chronicles’, ‘Grand Cross W’, ‘Grand Cross S’, ‘Grand Cross W’, ‘Champions: CHAMPIONS: Ascension’ and ‘DC Heroes & Villains’.

Net marble plans to actively expand the areas from the existing mobile as well as the existing mobile through platform diversification of various genres and joint development IP.

Net marble Won Young-dong, “Most of the games introduced are being developed as a multi-platform that can be simultaneously implemented on PC and mobile, and Action Battle Games ‘Squad Battle’ and ‘Overage’ are a PC platform through steam, ‘I said the mobile beyond mobile and the console will be released on the console. “

◆ Bang Jun-hyuk Chairman “Net marble’s new challenge is blocked, metabus… Challenge a new meta bus in an evolved form “

Bang Jun-hyuk Net marble Chair

Finally, Bang Jun-hyuk, who was on the podium, presented a new net marble challenge keyword such as blockchain and meta bus, and explained the detailed strategy.

First, Bang Jun-hyuk said, “Net marble will proceed with a blockchain with a target strategy,” Net marble pursues a model that combines a blockchain, centered on the game, and Net marble F & A is a blockchain centered on games and content “I will implement a model that combines.”

Net marble comes from March ‘A3: Still Live (Global)’, ‘Gold Bros’,’ The 2nd Country (Global) ‘,’ Monster Tail Arena ‘,’ Marvel of All: Meta World ‘,’ Champions: It is scheduled to expand the game, such as envy,

For the “Metabus”, Bang Jun-hyuk said, “The need for virtual reality has increased due to non-surfaces, and future industrialization will be active in the future,” said “Game companies already have the content of metabus through existing MMORPG games It was evaluated to implement a metaverse ecosystem. “

“Net marble will fuse the meta bus to the blockchain and create a second real world, not the virtual world,” said, “I will create a second real world, not a virtual world,” “I will use Metropolitan Medicine and Metropolitan Government” It was announced.

‘Economics’ is implemented through the Marvel: Meta World’ during Net marble’s new lineup. This game features a NFT game that builds a real estate-based metaverse platform to use virtual real estate to use virtual real estate to make economic activities.

‘Meta Human’ is a content that utilizes meta human, such as Jenna, Lina, and Ship, and Net marble actively utilizes detachment to various contents such as games, webtoons and web novels in the future, and ultimately, I aim to build ‘.

Bang Jun-hyuk said, “The blockchain game will be able to grow the game industry through the NFT,” and “Net marble will challenge the new meta bus that is evolved in the game, meta bus, and blocked. I said. “

Vice world champion Wim Jansen died

Even in the history of German football, WIM Jansen perhaps left his traces forever – with his foul on Bernd Wölzenbein, if it was one, in the World Cup final 1974. Paul Crater turned the mature penalty, Herd Müller turned the game, Germany Was world champion.

As in 1974, the midfielder (65 internationals for the Netherlands) fell in the final four years later as a loser of the square, but his career was far more high-level. Even before the winning streak of Rival Ajax, Jansen won, who described his club as my life, with Feyenoord Rotterdam in 1970 the European Cup of the national master.


One of the biggest of our history, not only mourned Feyenoord on Tuesday. Also in Glasgow this day Jansen’s will be thought – at least at Celtic. As a coach of the Hoops, Henrik Larsson had been Henrik Larsson, he had prevented that the then overpowered Rangers celebrated ten championships in a row.

One of the four men to listen to Johan Cruyff, according to his former teammate Johan Cruyff, when they spoke about football, was 75 years old.

“Apex Legends” Gibraltar may be renovated or developers. Do you get female in a popular protect dome in the procedure

Gibraltar seems to be able to receive rework at Apex Legends . John Larson, who is a live balance designer in Respawn Entertainment, answered an interview with overseas media Desert.

According to Larson, Gibraltar is picked at the required level in the current high level band and professional scene. It is the data of overseas volunteer found in the following tweets to support his words. Progress Legends Global Series (ALPS) Progress Regular Season Supplier Section 9 to 11th Section 11 can check the pity power of legends used by the professional team.

According to this data, Gibraltar is picked 455 times in North America and boasts a pick rate of 99.8%. Although the EMEA region is slightly suppressed, the pick rate still has 78.4% and protrudes at 1st in all legends. In addition, the situation is the same as ALPS play off located below the championship. In the playoffs held on January 23, data that all teams are picking Gibraltar in North America.

About these situations, Larson analyzes that Gibraltar’s tactical ability is contributing. Protected dome, which is the ability of Gibraltar, the ability to develop semicircular shields. Both inner and outer attacks can be blocked and 360 degrees of shooting can be prevented. Larson mentions that it is effective as a reset battle tool for protected dome. The team will be able to remove from the front and make a dome to be used to replace and re-work. The reason why the professional team is actively adopting Gibraltar in controlling the war situation.

On the other hand, Larson seems to be a problem with Gibraltar’s pick rate. According to he, Gibraltar is picked up with not fun picked up. About the factor, Larson refers to the length of the cool downtime of Gibraltar. Gibraltar tactical ability Cool downtime requires 30 seconds and Ultimate Ability for 270 seconds. As Larson, it is desirable to be a fun ability to press the key / button.

The strength of Gibraltar has also been pointed out by the user. For example, Swedish E Sports Team Alliance’s Khakis players have tweeted an opinion that Gibraltar’s protect dome should set HP. However, as Larson, the draft is not desirable to add health to the dome. The reason is that the impact on high level bands and professionals is too large.

As a chance to change the future, Larson suggested that the ability to add some hands to the attacking ability of Gibraltar. Perhaps some feeling of use will be changed with regard to the case where you use tactical ability to explosive or more aggressive or more aggressive. The specific reworking period was not cleared from Larson. For example, Gibraltar is located not so high as the entire pick rate including casual players.

According to the data reported by the Overseas Media Desert, the pick rate of Gibraltar among the Apex Legends player 8 million people is 3.7% and 12th in 19 people. Compared to the usage rate in the procedure, the total pick rate is not high. Therefore, Larson will be a great idea that Gibraltar will be nurtured sharply, and casual players will not lead to further Gibraltar leaves.

Possibility of Gibraltar repair that has been revealed in the case of 12. As Larson, No one doesn’t want to do, but I have to choose character, but it is not a character that is not the strongest but wants to choose. Sometimes I would like to watch trends how to change the Gibraltar incompetence in the project in the project.

Xbox Series X: Rumor: Further Microsoft Franchise receives Master Chief Collection


The Halo: The Master Chief Collection is an example of how to prepare a series of play for subsequent generations of consoles and players technically and visually and unite the games under a launcher. Such a treatment could also receive another franchise of Microsoft. The Will Special Nick heard of Boxer and talks about it in episode 93 of the podcast. Nick remains vague at his statement about the collection. Which franchise it is, he apparently can not reveal. For a possible time frame for the Master Chief Collection treatment of a map of Microsoft, he does not know if it should happen this or next year. He tapes but rather the next year. Whether Microsoft combines all games of the Gears of War Shooter series in a collection? Also, possible would be the Fable role-playing games.

God of War: How to get a greater flame ridge

EC EU Reforge d’Objects et de Substances Important Quit Pounds Eyre utilizes pour Fabric et amplifier l’equipment by Rates et d’Atreus, Mai’s Certain Event Eyre Beau coup Plus difficile à obtain that d’Actress, à Mains that Vows Ne Sanchez exact Of search for. Here is How to make the ridge of the flame greater in God of War. .

How to get a larger llama crest in God of War

Collect fragments of Encryption of Mülheim

This special article is used to manufacture and improve several pieces of armor and can only be found in the kingdom of fire, Mülheim. Once you have obtained the encrypted fragments, and you have completed the travel rune, you can travel to Mülheim using the Kingdom’s Travel Room in the middle of the Nine Lake.

Encryption fragments can be found out of the ordinary silver cores that contain skulls. The chests are seen as the one in the image below:

You can access the realm of fire very early in the game depending on the scan you do, but it will be difficult to get the upper flame ridges on your first trip to Mülheim.

Complete the impossible evidence of Mülheim

Mülheim is essentially a challenge tower in a six-level volcano. The levels of one to five have a normal test and a difficult test. You must complete the five and then defeat Valkyrie at the top to restart the tests of the first five levels.

Once the levels are restored, they are established in an impossible difficulty. You will have the opportunity to gain creases of superior flames when completing these tasting tests, and once you have completed three of five, the top test can be tried again. Do this routine as many times as necessary until you have all the Mülheim update items you want.

However, this kingdom is extremely difficult to cross, so it is recommended that Rates have at least one level of six or higher equipment in more difficult difficulties to reach the top of Mülheim the first time.

That’s all you need to know about How to make the shell crest larger in God of War. . Be sure to check our God of War wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and other useful game information if you are looking for more suggestions.

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Final fantasy xiv

Has anyone stolen at Nintendo? Zelda

If you are great Zelda fans, but can not wait for the release of Breath of the Wild 2, you should visit the Crowdfunding Platform Kickstarter a visit. There is currently a game for a lot of sensation that not only visually damn reminded of the former matches of The Legend of Zelda .

Airfare looks like Snes-Zelda

The Indie Developer Team Pixel Heart Studio recently launched a crowdfunding action for his action role-playing air heart. Even the first look at the image material makes it clear from which models the developers have been inspired.

Airfare sets a 16-bit pixel look, the extremely to the Legend of Zelda: a link to the past. But also elements of Final Fantasy are designed according to the team according to the team.

But not only visually there are many similarities: in Airfare you explore a large fantasy world in the roll of hero. There are real-time struggles, the roaming of dungeons as well as smaller puzzles and platform sequences in focus.

This mix is ​​likely to be very well known Zelda fans. From this Pixel Heart Studio does not make a secret and sees Airfare as a tribute to Zelda, Final Fantasy & Co. Here is the first trailer with gameplay scenes:

How much money has come together?


The minimum goal of the Kickstarter campaign was 15,000 Australian dollars, which corresponds to just over 9,500 euros. The concept, however, came so well with the Kickstarter users that ultimately more than 28,000 Australian dollars (about 18,000 euros) have come together .

Above all, the developers want to finance the final work on the PC version, which will appear in March 2022. With a little luck, there will also be porting for consoles.

Call of duty

The second season of Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard is delayed

Activision has delayed the arrival of the second season of Call of Duty Vanguard and Warz1.

This has been announced in a post on the official blog today, where the publisher explained that the season was delayed exactly two weeks, and its release date will be next February 14.

Right now, our community is having problems in Call of Duty: Vanguard, War zone Pacific, and Modern Warfare, Activision explained. We understand your frustrations and listen to you.


The delay does not only arrive at a time when Activision is at the point of sight after the purchase by Microsoft, and while the testing team in Raven Software is on strike for its working conditions after a wave of layoffs.

It is not the only delay of content of Call of Duty in recent weeks; War zone’s latest maps, published last November, were also delayed in the midst of a new controversy of work harassment.

As explained by Activision, they will use the additional development time to launch patches that optimize the game and balance certain aspects that are not satisfying users both in Vanguard and War zone Pacific, Black Ops Cold War, and Modern Warfare.

SYBERIA THE WORLD BEFORE: Here is the new release date, another 2 months of patience

After announceting a last-minute postponement early December for Siberia: The World Before, Microids comes back on this weekend to deliver the new release date of its adventure game. It is therefore on March 18, 2022, that the game will be accessible on PC, after 3 months of offset to refine the game as it should. This is what the French publisher explains in his communiqué, stating that this extra time allowed Koalas teams to offer a result at the last epic Kate Walker imagined by Benoit Skoal who has Left in May 2021. For the rest of the platforms, it will be necessary to be patient, Siberia: The World Before is still expected for current 2022, without more precision.

Pokemon TCG presents a new type of bright Pokemon letter with unique rules

The Collectible Letters of Pokémon cards has introduced a new type of Shiny Pokémon card that comes with a single rules mechanics. Today, The Pokémon Company announced that the next Japanese Japanese card game would contain a new type of letter: sparkling Pokémon cards. These letters have powerful basic Pokémon (also known as Pokémon cards that can be played from one player’s hand immediately) with art representing the bright version of a Pokémon. The bright Pokémon cards have a unique letter texture and a pattern of reverse halophile and have their own level of rarity. Because the letters of sparkling Pokémon are powerful compared to other Pokémon Letters of 1 Award, players can only have a single letter of sparkling Pokémon on his deck at a time. These new letters will appear in the Japanese set «Battle Legion», which will be launched in February in Japan.

These new letters share similarities with the Amazing Rare cards, which appeared in two Pokémon card games at 2020/2021. Those letters also had a unique letter rarity indicator, a special treatment of Halophile and also cost 1 award when they were defeated. Only nine amazing rare cards were created, so Sparkling Pokémon may not be a new addition very important to TCG beyond presenting some new letters and a slight variation in card tricks.


The Pokémon Collectible Letters Game also recently introduced a new Star mechanics into the game, which combines the Pokémon V cards that appear throughout the game. Pokémon sword and shield was the game of letters along with the mechanics GO Vista in the sol and moon times of the game. Each letter Pokémon STAR has a special STAR power. A player can activate a Star Power per game, similar to GO movements at times passed from the game. Pokémon STAR cards will be presented at the next set «Brilliant Stars» that will be launched in the United States and internationally next month. STAR cards seem to be equivalent to the noble Pokemon that is seen in the new game. Pokémon legends: Areas, that will be launched at the end of this month.