The Anacrusis: Available in the Xbox Game Preview

The Anacrusis is now available on Steam in the Early Access and in the Xbox Game Preview and can be played in the Game Pass.

Stray Bombay has The Analysis, a cooperative sci-fi first-person shooter for four players, now published for PC (Steam Early Access, Epic Games Store and the Microsoft Store) and Xbox One / Xbox Series X / S in Game Preview and available with full Cross Play between all platforms. The Analysis costs 29.99 euros and will be published at a discount of 20 percent on Steam, Xbox, Epic Games Store and the Microsoft Store. Xbox and PC Game Pass players get the game’s release on the first day.

It is the day of release! After years of work and the exchange of The Analysis with thousands of test players we are finally ready to release the game. Our small team is looking forward to developing the next phase of The Analysis together with the community of dedicated fans of co-op shooters while we go to the Early Access. We listen to feedback and add new weapons, enemies and perks, so please share your ideas on our Discord ( and stops by one or two sessions to play with us! — Chest False, Stray Bombay Co-Founder

This launch in Early Access and Game Preview serves as Season Zero for The Analysis and provides players the first four survivors of the alien attack in the first three episodes in the history of the game before. In this first act explore teams of four players the Isolde, a huge luxury ship that is stranded on the edge of explored space and is attacked by terrifying aliens with an unusual sense of fashion.

About The Analysis

Stray Bombay plans to start its journey through Early Access / Game Preview with six-monthly updates include improvements in quality of life, weekly challenges, bug fixes and other adjustments based on the feedback from the community. More episodes, weapons and weekly challenges are added before The Analysis the Early Access / game preview leaving in the second half of the year 2022nd

Arm yourself with an arsenal of classic sci-fi weapons of fantastic grenades and unusual special weapons. Plays and collects 40 Perks, while the advanced 2.0 Director of the game Alien hordes as tailors, they provide the perfect level of difficulty and the perfect fight intensity for each group. Coordinated you with your team in order to discover new Perk-synergies, to find arms caches and defeat thousands of aliens, yourself as you make your way to the final of each episode.

The Analysis appear for PC and Xbox consoles in English, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese and Korean.


  • Cooperative fun for four players — unlock up with friends in an infinitely repeatable fight against alien hordes to perks, weapons and new game modes Ally who can share her with the team!
  • A struggle for survival is just the beginning — The first season of The Analysis tells the story of four unlikely survivors — Tessa, Guion, Liu and Lance — the involuntary fighters in the struggle for the defense of humanity against the alien threat are. Uncover more about the mystery of the alien attack.

  • Fight the aliens with fantastic weapons — Fight the alien menace classic with a stunning arsenal sci-fi weapons. Provides you with a Stasis Grenade some time, throw a grenade tag, announced the immediate coverage while you heal you, and gives your friends using the Respawned back to life. Or beat all caution to the wind and burns friend and foe alike with the laser gun.
  • Worth new perks and playing style changed — About the whole game distributed matter compiler give you access to dozens of perks will change your style of play. Stacks all upgrades to the gun as a last resort to upgrade or enhance the defense by her charges up your shield pulse. Turns the game progresses new perks and notifies the unlocks with all members of the team!
  • Never Fight twice the same battle — In The Analysis the AI ​​Director 2.0 controls every aspect of the game. He brings every enemy out, controls every boss and every weapon, every gadget and each placed Health Kit. No matter how good you are, you will find the perfect challenge. In addition, the Director 2.0 provides the kind of video game moments, of which want dying to tell your friends.
  • PC Meeting with friends on consoles Friends — The Analysis supports complete at launch cross-play between all platforms, so that players can play with their friends on all supported platforms.

Look at the Analysis Early Access Launch Trailer now:

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