LOL: Kois hopes about the LEC confirmed by IBAI

Read in Millenium: It would be necessary for everything to be on wheels throughout the year, but Ibai Llanos has confirmed that his dream is to see Koi competing on LEC. A possibility on which he is moderately optimistic, being the club one of l

The arrival of koi to the competitive scene of league of legends has served to boost the superliga and level up it. However, the organization formed by IBAI LLANAS and Gerard Piqué does not conform only with the national scene. Like any assembly that competes in the Moba de Riot Games, the ultimate goal is to get a Plaza in LEC and compete against the historic Europe in the maximum continental competition. A possibility on which the streamer has been moderately optimistic .

Koi could get to the LE in the future

The possibility that Riot Games decides to increase the squares of the LE in the next season of the year 2023 takes time on the table. IBAI has not confirmed this option, but it has insured in a program issued after the last day of the Spanish League of Legends competition that would try it if it was finally confirmed. A scenario in which it placed Koi as one of the great candidates to obtain the Riot Games license.

The European League of Legends competition works through a franchise system and all teams must meet a series of requirements, but the ultimate decision corresponds to those responsible for ESPORTS in Riot Games. According to opinion IBAI, KOI would be between the two or three more strong options . A small group in which he has included Giants, an organization that already participated in this league when he still had an open format of promotions and descents.

Although it still defined the arrival at LEC as a dream, he has assured that he would want to participate by maintaining the current template. However, in case it could not, two signings that would imply a change of role. Possible players on which he joked if his nicks began by E (Elyoya) and R (Razork) before what Streamer assured that when playing dream, dreams… and sometimes dreams are fulfilled.

In addition to these doubts about the possible future of Koi in the competitive scene of League of Legends, IBAI has also wanted to ensure that the club will not serve as an entrance door to other organizations not even in the alleged theoretical that Real Madrid would like to be associated with the club. Sajantes and future illusions that will have to be resolved over the next few months.

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