Xbox Series X: Rumor: Further Microsoft Franchise receives Master Chief Collection

Microsoft allegedly wants another franchise as Halo: The Master Chief Collection treat and bring out as a collection.


The Halo: The Master Chief Collection is an example of how to prepare a series of play for subsequent generations of consoles and players technically and visually and unite the games under a launcher. Such a treatment could also receive another franchise of Microsoft. The Will Special Nick heard of Boxer and talks about it in episode 93 of the podcast. Nick remains vague at his statement about the collection. Which franchise it is, he apparently can not reveal. For a possible time frame for the Master Chief Collection treatment of a map of Microsoft, he does not know if it should happen this or next year. He tapes but rather the next year. Whether Microsoft combines all games of the Gears of War Shooter series in a collection? Also, possible would be the Fable role-playing games.

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