Vice world champion Wim Jansen died

For Johan Cruyff he was one of only four men, where it was worth listening to when they talked about football. Now Wim Jansen died.

Even in the history of German football, WIM Jansen perhaps left his traces forever – with his foul on Bernd Wölzenbein, if it was one, in the World Cup final 1974. Paul Crater turned the mature penalty, Herd Müller turned the game, Germany Was world champion.

As in 1974, the midfielder (65 internationals for the Netherlands) fell in the final four years later as a loser of the square, but his career was far more high-level. Even before the winning streak of Rival Ajax, Jansen won, who described his club as my life, with Feyenoord Rotterdam in 1970 the European Cup of the national master.


One of the biggest of our history, not only mourned Feyenoord on Tuesday. Also in Glasgow this day Jansen’s will be thought – at least at Celtic. As a coach of the Hoops, Henrik Larsson had been Henrik Larsson, he had prevented that the then overpowered Rangers celebrated ten championships in a row.

One of the four men to listen to Johan Cruyff, according to his former teammate Johan Cruyff, when they spoke about football, was 75 years old.

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